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We are Australia’s leading membership association for project professionals.


Local chapters

We are represented in every state and territory by chapters, made up of AIPM members.


Certified members

AIPM’s RegPM™ certification levels are the utmost recognition for project management professionals. 

Driving Australia’s project management community

Established in 1978, the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) is Australia’s premier and longest-standing association in project management. As the leading body for project professionals in Australia, we drive project leadership and performance by bringing people and ideas together and offer membership, training and certification programs designed to accelerate professional growth and development.

Vision and values

Our vision is to drive professional excellence and thought leadership in the project arena, bringing people and ideas together for Australia’s success. We exist to lead and represent the project profession in Australia; creating a community and ecosystem that enables project success and the professional advancement of our members.


We bring people and ideas together, creating an inclusive community of connected and collaborative project professionals. 


We conduct ourselves with openness and inclusiveness, welcoming diverse voices, members and industry sectors.


We are a voice of the profession, representing our members and driving knowledge, insights and excellence.


We are ambitious in our standards and innovative in our approach, supporting members and partners to deliver project success.

Our history


Project managers come together

The project management discipline grows in Australia across multiple industries, leading to the creation of the Project Managers’ Forum in 1976.

Driven by founding chair Bruce Hovey and a group of founding members in New South Wales, Project Managers’ Forum accepted over 250 members in its first year, conducted public forums, and organised a two-day conference. The organisation extends to Victoria in 1978 and officially registers as a non-profit limited liability company and an association.

The Project Managers’ Forum becomes the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) in 1978, with over 500 members.


Networks form

The project management world begins to develop the standards that underpin professionalisation today, as management of megaprojects comes to the forefront with the building of the Channel Tunnel and the Hong Kong Second Harbour Crossing.

The Project Manager Forum extends across Australia with the creation of chapters in South Australia, Queensland, and the Australian Capital Territory. The development of a certification program for project managers begins in the Australian Capital Territory in 1987.


The National Office is established

The AIPM constitution, the National Competency Standards for project management, and a national support office are established in 1991.

The Western Australian Project Management Association (WAPMA), an independent organisation, joins AIPM in 1997, and a Northern Territory Chapter forms in 1999.


Organisational maturity and professional recognition

Project management grows and matures as a discipline, as does the AIPM, which becomes known as the peak body for project management in Australia.

During the early 2000s, project-driven organisations grow across Australia, and the rigour of project management increases with the value of competent project managers.

The AIPM introduces the Project Management Achievement Awards (PMAA) to recognise, honour and promote outstanding achievements in program and project management. The Tasmanian chapter forms in 2001, establishing the AIPM in every state and territory across Australia.


Project management is seen as a profession

The AIPM celebrates its 40th Anniversary in 2016 growing to thousands of members across Australia.

No longer a sub-domain of construction, production, and IT, project management becomes a domain, with the emergence of undergraduate project management degrees in Australia.

Qualification and RegPM™ certification now become essential in some industries to securing a role as a project manager.

The AIPM introduces increased digital offerings, with a magazine, as well as live and OnDemand webinars.

The AIPM welcomes special interest groups initiatives and introduces a Mentoring Program and organisation packages.


Leading project management

As the leading project management association in Australia, the AIPM drives professional excellence and thought leadership in the project arena and brings people and ideas together for Australia’s success.

As project management becomes an essential skill in all industries, the AIPM looks to expand to a wider audience, seeking to raise the capability of project leaders and welcomes all project professionals to be part of the community.

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We believe that excellence in governance goes hand-in-hand with delivering organisation results. The AIPM strives for transparency in our governance practices and policies.


As the voice of excellence in project management, we work on behalf of our members to drive project advocacy in Australia, tackling the professional priorities of our members.

Annual reports & AGM

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Our people

We’re a diverse community of passionate leaders, team members, and volunteers, who are driving project management in Australia.