AIPM OnDemand Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I access AIPM OnDemand?
Visit: https://ondemand.aipm.com.au/ to access our library of over 85 webinars and videos.

How do I login to AIPM OnDemand?
AIPM Members can log in using their MYAIPM login details via the ‘Member login’ button on the top right hand corner of your screen. Once a member is logged in, you will see member pricing and discounts applied to each video and channel (if applicable). If you are having trouble loggin in please contact us at 02 8288 8700.

I'm not a member, how can I purchase and watch videos?
If you would like to watch or purchase videos, you will need to register first. Please make an account by selecting 'Register' in the header navigation, near the top right of the screen. Once registered you can purchase videos and login using your email address. For security reasons, we do not store credit card information. 

How do I use this platform as an Organisational Partner Member? 
At this stage, all AIPM members including Organisational Partner Members will have access to the portal and the same benefits. In the future, we will look at delivering a way organisational members can use their free events and will advise if and when this is available.

I'm having trouble viewing videos, what can I do?
You may need to request your organisation to add *.webcastcloud.com to their domain whitelist if you are trying to access the platform on your employer’s protected network. In the meantime, you will need to access AIPM OnDemand outside the protected network. 

What is a channel?
A channel is a collection of similar videos, video series or a recorded event that is made up of many videos. In cases of recorded multi-video events, you can purchase the entire channel for a discounted price (rather than purchasing the individual videos). To experience our online seminar and forum events, we recommend purchasing the event as a channel and watching the videos in the order we present them.

How do I purchase an event channel?
To experience our online seminar and forum events, we recommend purchasing the event channel as a whole. To purchase an event channel, click ‘filters’ on the AIPM OnDemand homepage and select the event channel you would like to purchase. You should see a button that shows the channel price. Click 'Buy Channel' and checkout. These videos will now be available for you to watch anytime, using your logins. 
You can also launch a channel by filtering for the channel and selecting the 'launch channel' button. 

I don’t see an event channel price, why is it not there?
Many of our channels are not offered at an event channel price. Channels such as webinars, Communities of Practice, featured webinars are only sold individually. 

How to I access videos that I’ve purchased?
To access videos you've purchased, return to the AIPM OnDemand video channel homepage and locate the video(s). You will now be able to play your purchased videos. You will no longer be promoted to purchase these when you are logged in. You can also find purchased videos by going to the video channel homepage and selecting ‘filter’ and ‘My List’. All purchased videos will appear here in the future to watch at your leisure.

Do you have free videos and webinars?
AIPM Members can watch many webinars for free, which you can find under the events and webinar channels. When logged in as a member, free videos will not show a price. If you are not an AIPM Member, we have select free videos and will add some periodically throughout the year. 

How can I claim CPD points? 

To claim your points from these on-demand videos, you’ll manually need to record your points. To do this, log in to theA IPM website and select “My CPD Points from the “My AIPM” drop-down menu. Record your CPD points from each presentation watched by uploading a screen shot of the last slide in the presentation as evidence.



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