At the 2015 Annual General Meeting, AIPM members voted to approve a new constitution for the Institute. Please click here to read a copy of the current AIPM Constitution.



AIPM has been providing a membership network to project management professionals over the last 40 years, with volunteerism at its heart. However, the world and its economy are changing, more so as an outcome of COVID-19, and AIPM needs to align itself to the needs of the market to remain relevant to members, industry and governments. AIPM needs to be more flexible to match the rapid pace of change and to future-proof the organisation.

The AIPM Board believes it is appropriate to undertake a review of AIPM’s Constitution and governance arrangements to ensure that they are efficient and effective. This will allow AIPM to continually pivot to stay relevant to its membership and the market.

Since our last review of the Constitution in 2015, we have seen the following major developments, from digitisation, through the changing nature of work to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Board has undertaken a critical review of AIPM’s corporate governance structures to question whether those structures are “fit for purpose” having regard to major developments which have increased the pace of change over the past 5 years. 

The new Constitution will be voted on at the AGM scheduled for 17 December 2020. To learn more, visit our Annual General Meeting webpage.