As part of the planned AIPM Board of Directors rotation, the term of James Bawtree (Elected Director of the Board) will expire, and he is required to stand down. As a result, one (1) Elected Director vacancy on the Board will be available. The vacant Elected Director position is a for a three (3) year term.
AIPM can only achieve the objectives of our members through the valuable contribution made by our passionate volunteers. Through the role of Elected Director, you will be able to help drive the strategic direction of AIPM and the future of the project management profession in Australia


  1. Five (5) or more years of continuous membership of AIPM and be at Member, Fellow or Life Fellow grade;

  2. ​Current RegPM certification, eligible for CPPD; and

  3. Board experience as a company director (in addition to any organisation in which you may be a sole trader and/or founder director). 


  1. Any experience on an AIPM Council or Committee, involvement with external advisory groups, and demonstrable experience in and understanding of effective corporate governance;

  2. Active and productive contribution to the profession;

  3. Candidates with the following strengths will be prioritised to complement the current Board’s makeup:

    - Entrepreneurship/Innovation/Disruption
    - Communications/Marketing/PR/Advocacy
    - Accounting
    - Legal
    - CEO/Senior Management of a medium business
    - Current GAICD or equivalent, or an intention to undertake the qualification.

  4. Have the time and availability to attend at least 6 (six) Board meetings per year, an Annual General Meeting, AIPM Conference and any Committee meetings. You should also recognise that the role is currently pro-bono and that AIPM only pay for out-of-pocket expenses.

  5. Have no conflicts of interest that could restrict your ability to undertake the role to the best of your abilities and without fear or favour to your business activities or of other AIPM Members.

The appointment of the Elected Director position will take place during our 2021 Annual General Meeting. It is a statutory position and attracts all of the rights and responsibilities detailed in the Corporations Law (Cth).

AIPM encourages applications from members from a wide range of backgrounds, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical abilities and family status. In accordance with good governance practice, AIPM’s plan is to have at least 30% female representation on the Board.


Nominations are open today and must be made in writing using the attached forms.

The completed and signed nomination form and all other required documentation must be emailed to the returningofficer@aipm.com.au by the closing time of 23:59 hours AEST Sunday 24 October 2021. Nomination Forms and other documentation received after this time and date will not be considered. 

The Board has the power to decline nominations, including those received that do not meet the criteria, including word count and the full receipt of all nomination requirements and forms on or before the deadline. (AIPM Rules 2018 s6).


Key dates for the election process are listed below:

Election Action



Nominations open

09:00 hours AEST
Tuesday 24 August 2021


Nominations close

23:59 hours AEDT
Sunday 24 October 2021


Election Open

16:00 hours AEDT
Friday 12 November 2021

This assumes two or more valid nominations are received and an election is required.

Elections close

09:00 hours AEDT
Monday 22 November 2021


Under the AIPM Constitution 2020 only members who are financial (except Student members) are eligible to nominate or to stand or vote in the election. If you are not a financial member, we encourage you to renew your membership to have your voice heard during this election process. Please log into your AIPM account on our website here or call the AIPM Office on (02) 8288 8700 for more information.
Should you have any questions please direct them to Simon Kaleski, the Returning Officer, at returningofficer@aipm.com.au or on (02) 8288 8700.