23 Jun 2016

2016 Member Satisfaction Survey Results released

Member Survey
2016 Member Satisfaction Survey Results released

The AIPM has today released the results of its 2016 Member Satisfaction Survey.

The survey was conducted between February and March of 2016, and in that time it received 1,218 responses.

The AIPM would like to explicitly thank those members who took the time to complete the survey. Due to the fantastic response rate, we were able to get a great representative sample of our demographics that will help enable us to better serve our membership base.

Some of the results from the survey included:

  • “Belonging to the peak body for project management in Australia” was considered to be the most valuable benefit of being an AIPM member, followed by greater industry and employer recognition

  • Access to online resources (67.56%) and Project delivery templates (66.01%) were the additional services that would be most beneficial to the career development of respondents

  • Given the opportunity to give back to the PM community, Volunteering with other not-for-profit organisations as a project manager (44.63%) and mentoring AIPM members (43.7%) were the most popular options to participate in

AIPM members can now download a copy of the survey results from the Industry Research section of this website.

As a result of the feedback, the AIPM would like to let our members know that we hear what you are saying.

Thanks to your feedback, we have initiated the following actions:


AIPM has:

AIPM must:

Improve our events

Reviewed and planned a new events catalogue

  • Deliver
  • Continuously improve our events

Get project management recognised and raise the AIPM's profile and voice

Met with a number of key industry stakeholders, and recently announced the NSW Governor as our Inaugural Patron

Continue to deliver tangible "wins" for our members

I want Professional Development courses

Initiated planning for Professional Development

  • Deliver on the plans
  • Grow the portfolio

I want tools, templates and trends via a better website

Built a new website in 2015

  • Create a knowledge portal
  • Continuously improve our website

I want to understand the project management journey, help me build my career via industry best Jobs Centre and mentoring program

  • Provide international best certification
  • Deliver an updated mentoring program

Thanks once again to all of our members who took the time to help us shape a better AIPM.