12 Feb 2016

AIPM applauds release of the Shergold Review


AIPM applauds release of the Shergold Review

The Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) today welcomed the release of the Shergold Review, with express support for its efforts to improve the management of major projects in this country.

Titled “Learning from Failure: Improving Government Processes for Implementing Large Programmes and Projects”, the review has provided an independent review of government processes for implementing large programs and projects, including the roles of ministers and public servants.

Chief Executive Office of the AIPM, Ms Yvonne Butler, was today quoted as saying “The AIPM applauds Professor Peter Shergold AC and his team on the release of their report. Professor Shergold has delivered a number of conclusions which help highlight some important issues in the delivery of major programs and projects in Australia today. His conclusions on accountability, recognition of project management as a profession, the creation of ‘tiger teams’ and a focus on competencies particularly resonated with us during our involvement in the peer review process. One of the best levers to mitigate risks associated with program delivery is to have properly trained and certified practitioners.”

“The review is a major landmark in the efforts being made to recognise the importance of properly run projects in Australia, and the need for certified project managers behind them.” Ms Butler went on to say. “The amount of money spent on poorly run projects each year is staggering, and we look forward to working with the Australian Public Service Commission and major government agencies on the implementation of some of the conclusions.