17 Dec 2015

AIPM Board's response to Prime Minister's Innovation Statement


AIPM Board's response to Prime Minister's Innovation Statement
The Board of the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) fully supports Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s recent Innovation Statement, promoting a vision of the importance of project management in successfully delivering on the policy’s planned outcomes. The success of the statement will revolve around a significant number of projects and their effective planning and execution.

With over $1.1 Billion to be spent on the projects to promote innovation in Australia over the next four years, the criticality of having a well-trained and prepared project management industry with which to deliver these projects cannot be underestimated. 

Chair of the AIPM, Leh Simonelli, today spoke to the issue when he said “We congratulate and applaud the Prime Minister on his actions, and we must also highlight how important it is that we commit time to looking at exactly how we plan to roll these projects out effectively. Project Management is the discipline that will underpin the delivery of all of the initiatives in the National Innovation and Science Agenda, from technology to education and infrastructure. As a result we must ensure that we have the right people with the right training involved in their delivery to ensure the highest degree of success and impact.”

As the peak body for Project Management in Australia, the AIPM advocates for enhancing national productivity and competition through innovation enabled by effective project management. We support a project enabled economy of which the Innovation Statement is a key foundation.

A recent global survey from PriceWaterhouseCoopers noted the fact that 80% of projects classified as high-performing (delivering on-time and on-budget) use a certified project manager, however in some of the largest corporate organisations barely over half of their project managers are certified.

“Project management is the enabler between a good strategy and delivering positive outcomes” Mr Simonelli went on to say. “That is why having a certified project manager assisting to guide the implementation of strategies has proven to be crucial”.

With 74,900 new project management roles expected to be created in Australia by 2020, individuals and organisations around the country who are involved in project management should be working to ensure that they are well trained and prepared to deliver on the Government’s new agenda. 

The AIPM’s RegPM and International Project Management Association (IPMA) certification offerings provide the opportunity to become a certified project manager recognised both locally and internationally. More information can be found on the AIPM website at www.aipm.com.au/certification.