17 Feb 2017

AIPM calls for stronger governance of government projects

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AIPM calls for stronger governance of government projects

The Federal Government today announced that it has ordered a review of all of its major IT projects, as well as giving its Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) broader powers to oversee new technology investments.

The review will look at all significant IT contracts it has with its external providers worth more than $10 million, which is expected to capture about 100 government projects and is intended to deliver greater transparency of projects funded by its $6.2 billion annual tech spend.

According to the Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation, the Hon Angus Taylor MP, the report will list the costs, benefits, risks, and status of the projects, and that “the DTA will ensure we’re investing in the right technology projects, we can track their implementation, and know they will deliver on the public policy benefits they promise”.

AIPM CEO, Ms Yvonne Butler, has welcomed the review but warned of the importance of independent governance in such reviews. “We are pleased to hear about the upcoming review, but encourage the Commonwealth to consider clear separation of power between those funding projects and those reviewing their performance”.

“When it comes to the spend of public money on reviewing large government projects, we promote a fully integrated portfolio approach across federal government agencies, which would see better oversight, improved interoperability, optimised buying power and enhanced risk management.” Ms Butler went on to say. “With a genuine portfolio approach and improved governance in government projects, we would see less need for reviews and more return on project investment”.

The AIPM look forward to working with DTA CEO, Nerida O'Loughlin, on what will be an extremely important review.  We would also like to see government embrace the recent legislative changes in the United Kingdon (Royal Charter) and United States (passing of the Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act), which have recognised the importance of certified project managers.