16 Dec 2019

AIPM operational changes

AIPM recently made some operational changes to support a structure the organisation requires as it transforms to the digital age and provides better member engagement.

The purpose for this change is two-fold.
With the shift to greater online connectedness, and with fewer, better quality events, we will be transitioning away from Chapter-based Member Relationship Officers (MRO’s). This decision comes from the fact that less than 18% of our membership are going to 2 or more events a year and 69% are not attending any events. Taking a new approach, our plan is to centralise and where required, to out-source some of the lesser administrative responsibilities of MRO’s over the next three to four months.
This allows for a new organisation structure, including employing subject matter experts in our marketing and professional advancement teams to drive our digital agenda, providing members access to information and content though webinars, podcasts, video content and CoP forums on our online Community platform.
The timing of the organisation changes in December provides the least disruption to our Chapters, with very few events and activities scheduled in January, and allows impacted staff to rest and reflect on new career opportunities over the holiday period, accessing outplacement services being provided by AIPM to assist their planning.
We will start the transition from state-based management to a nationally coordinated events function at the beginning of the new year, with the appointment of a Chapter Events Manager, and the additional support of an event management partner where required.
For all Chapter relations enquiries, please contact chapter.relations@aipm.com.au or call us on 02 8288 8700.

Elizabeth Foley
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Institute of Project Management
Level 23 | 100 Miller Street