28 Jul 2016

Beca earns AIPM Project Managed Organisation Award

PMO Award, Certification

Beca earns AIPM Project Managed Organisation Award

Beca Pty Ltd’s Australian Project Management Business Unit has just put itself ahead of the pack by recently becoming the latest organisation to be awarded the AIPM’s Project Managed Organisation Award.

The team at Beca worked with Trevor Alex FAIPM CPPD (one of AIPM’s Endorsed PMO Award Asessor) to work through the criteria required to be awarded, and in doing so have now let their prospective and current clients know that their organisation has the appropriate structures, methodologies and training in place for consistently achieving successful projects.

Timothy Swain, Beca’s Technical Director – Project Management, spoke to the process when he said “The assessment was thorough and independent, and Trevor agreed to structure it to seek feedback from different career level cohorts within our business. The outcome of the assessment was an encouraging validation of our strengths and the work that had been achieved in building our Australian PM business over the last 10 years.”

Beca join organisations such as Telstra, SunWater Limited and NSW Office of State Revenue as organisations who have worked to achieve the award. The assessment for the award helps organisations fine-tune their project management practices.

“It also objectively highlighted areas for further development, thus enabling us to set priorities for further improvement of our service capability and delivery.” Mr Swain went on to say.

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