30 Aug 2016

Call for Nominations open for AIPM Generally Elected Director


Call for Nominations open for AIPM Generally Elected Director

The AIPM would like to welcome all eligible members to nominate for the position of Generally Elected Director, with the call for nominations closing at 12 noon this Thursday 1 September.

To be eligible to nominate for this position, you must demonstrate the following:

  • Five (5) or more years of continuous membership of AIPM;

  • Current RegPM certification, eligible for CPPD; and

  • Board experience as a company director (in addition to any organisation in which you may be a sole trader and/or founder director)

More information about the role, eligibility requirements, timings, the election process and the required forms for lodgement can be found on the Elections page of this website.

All eligible members will have received an email communication from the AIPM in regards to the election last week. If you are not currently a financial member, we encourage you to become an AIPM member today to have your voice heard during this election process. Visit the Membership page on this website for more information, or call the National Office on (02) 8288 8700.