26 Nov 2015

Capstone Projects Presentation at University of Sydney


Capstone Projects Presentation at University of Sydney

Recently a representative of AIPM attended the University of Sydney end of year presentation of the Capstone Projects.

The Capstone Projects provide the students with the opportunity to carry out a defined piece of independent research work, execution of the practical work and presentation of the project. 

Four projects were presented by the Bachelor of Project Management students under the guidance of University and Industry representatives. These projects included Search Engine Optimisation for the GAPPS website, Capital Expenditure Planning for a Childcare Centre, determining the value of Volunteers in the SES and determining risk factors for structural fires.  

The event was attended by industry representatives, university staff and students.  The students demonstrated an excellent understanding of project methodology and presented well thought out and engaging presentations. 

All aspects of a project were undertaken by the students including identifying whether they had a technical or research focus or a combination of both. The students engaged with stakeholders at each stage of their projects including where required presenting to the Board of the organisation involved. All students commented on how much they benefitted from being involved in the projects.   

Representatives from the organisation involved provided encouragement and support for the students and were very complimentary of the benefits the projects had been for their organisations. The students were provided feedback on their projects and presentations by the observers at the event. They also fielded questions in a Q & A session at the end of the presentations. 

The final result was that the project team for the GAPPS website project and final report were the best overall.

The results for this project included:

  • 36% increase in the number of organic search traffic
  • Attracting 3342 users to the GAPPS website through Google Adwords during 1 month
  • 16 new subscribers added to the general mailing list

The event gave an insight into the next generation of project managers. AIPM is very happy to be involved with the University and students who will become our future project professionals.