31 Jul 2017

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Project Manager Magazine

Contribute to Project Manager Magazine

How do you manage the unique pressures of project management?

You may be a top project manager but how well do you manage your own health and wellbeing, and lend a hand to your colleagues and employees? Sure, project management is stressful so do you just ‘push on’ in silence or do you seek help for factors that impair your ability to deliver project success and have a worthwhile life?

For the summer issue of Project Manager, we seek stories from our individual members about how they handle their health and wellbeing and warning signs they look for when things are going off the rails. And we ask our corporate members, project consultancies and trainers to share their best practices and programs for boosting their PMs' health and wellbeing.

Contact Managing Editor Tiffany Eastland at tiffanyeastland@hardiegrant.com by August 10 with your ideas and details.