14 Jan 2021

GHD and AIPM partner to simplify the journey to project management accreditation

Press release
GHD and AIPM partner to simplify the journey to project management accreditation

In a first of its kind partnership, GHD and the Australian Institute of Project Management have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding, providing a pathway for GHD to offer its employees industry accreditation through internal career development programs.

The new Project Management Certification model is underpinned by a comprehensive mapping of GHD’s capability and project delivery to AIPM’s Project Management Competency Frameworks. This alignment between GHD’s and AIPM’s Project Management Competency Frameworks will simplify the journey to industry accreditation for employees, simultaneously investing in their careers and fast-track GHD candidate’s journey to AIPM Registered Project Manager (RegPM) certification.

RegPM certification thoroughly evaluates an individual’s project management capabilities to assess their alignment with business needs and standards across industries.

“Now more than ever, certified project managers are needed who can demonstrate that they have the practical experience their resumes claim, and evidence that their experience is up-to-date, and their knowledge is growing with changes in industry and technology. GHD will be leading the way in ensuring a certification pathway for its employees,” says Elizabeth Foley CEO of AIPM.

“More and more of our clients are looking for accredited project managers to help deliver their projects,” says Terence Blythman, GHD’s Australian Service Line Leader for Project and Construction Management. With this partnership, GHD now has a “clear and easy process for our people to achieve industry accreditation.”


Marcus Sandmann, Chief Marketing Officer, Australian Institute of Project Management
P: +61 411 877 643   E: msandmann@aipm.com.au 

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