05 Nov 2019

Is project management the map to guide our journey through a digital world?

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Is project management the map to guide our journey through a digital world?

Following the recent release of Aurecon’s Our Digital Futures research, we have collaborated with Aurecon – to interview a range of industry's strategic thinkers. The aim was to gain insights into the role project and portfolio management plays in leading the digital transformation organisations will need to go through to thrive in the next 2-5 years and beyond. The following insights highlight where key industries are currently at and what is needed to move forward successfully in the new and ever-changing digital world.

Navigating the digital landscape

Digitisation is changing organisations rapidly. It is changing how problems are tackled, how challenges are overcome, how we work efficiently and how new revenue is generated. Digital approaches are also creating new complex pathways which many are struggling to successfully navigate.

According to Aurecon’s recent Our Digital Futures research, 83 per cent of those surveyed believe change will be considerable in the next 2-5 years and a majority of respondents feel their organisations are not properly prepared to thrive currently.


The research shows that most agree significant strategic initiatives to improve, transform and develop organisations will be needed to meet the challenges ahead and the most critical areas to be addressed for preparing to move forward in their digital journey are: understanding and ownership of digital, strategy, upskilling staff and embracing automation.

However, the research also indicated that many grapple with pinpointing where to start. For those organisations that have begun their journey there is often a lack of connectivity between initiatives, which leads to an inability to track and measure benefits such as return on investment.

Connecting all the moving parts of ‘digital’ and navigating this new landscape is a common challenge. As change permeates more deeply into our everyday there is an increasing need for project management professionals to take a lead role in delivering an organisation’s strategic projects to facilitate this digital transformation.

For centuries, when human kind embarked on a journey through an unfamiliar landscape, they sought the help of maps prepared for travellers to see them safely and quickly along their journey. With organisations looking for better ways to navigate the digital landscape, does project management map out a route for all?

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