06 Dec 2016

New IPMA Executive Board announced


New IPMA Executive Board announced
International Project Management Association (IPMA) President, Reinhard Wagner, has released the following message to AIPM members announcing the new IPMA Executive Board and thanking the AIPM and its members for hosting the recent Inaugural Regional Conference in Sydney:

During the last Council of Delegates (CoD) in Sydney we conducted the elections for the Executive Board (ExBo). We thanked the outgoing Vice Presidents Inga Klaus, Bernhard Haidacher, David Hudson and Nuno Ponces for their great service.

The CoD in Sydney elected four new Vice Presidents (VPs), in alphabetical order these are Lixiong Ou (China), Ivars Rungis (Latvia), Joop Schefferlie (The Netherlands) and Martin Sedlmayer (Switzerland). Joop and Martin will serve from  1st of January, 2017 for three years, Lixiong and Ivars for 2 years. We thank all candidates for their interest in the position and the incoming VPs for their commitment to serve IPMA and its Member Associations (MAs).
During a recent Exbo meeting  meeting in Warsaw we discussed the roles and responsibilities in ExBo in light of the organisational changes. We did not finish the discussion, however it was agreed that Ivars Rungis will be Vice President Projects, taking care for the portfolio of all projects and the change activities associated with the Strategy 2020, Joop Schefferlie will be Vice President Certification and Martin Sedlmayer will take over the newly formed remit “Products & Services”. We will update you after the upcoming ExBo meeting early next year regarding the final set-up of ExBo. Do not hesitate to approach me in person if you have any questions about ExBo.
The CoD in Sydney accepted the applications of three new Transitional Associations, Japan, Korea and Singapore. Please join me in welcoming our new members. This reflects the high potential of the Asian-Pacific Region for IPMA, we expect more growth in that region in the near future. This was also a point of discussion during the Inaugural Regional Conference that the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) hosted in Sydney together with IPMA and the Asian Pacific Federation of Project Management (APFPM). More than 700 participants exchanged experiences and networked in Sydney, thanks to AIPM it was a great event and a strong signal to the world how important professional project management is. This message was also conveyed through a communiqué that we sent from Sydney to the world. We intend to continue the advocacy for project management in 2017.
We are preparing for the next year, the CoD on 25 and 26 March will be held in Lisbon and on 9 and 10 September - together with the 30th IPMA World Congress - in Astana / Kazakhstan.      
Best regards,
Reinhard Wagner
IPMA President