20 Apr 2015

Presenting the past: AIPM History Project launched

History Project

Presenting the past: AIPM History Project launched
​The History of Project Management in Australia microsite is now live.

Tracing the significant milestones of project management use and development in Australia, the History Project was conceived when AIPM Fellow Chivonne Algeo, then the chair of the Council of Fellows, sought some documentation on the incorporation of the AIPM. After evaluating conflicting information, she realised there was a need to capture the beginnings of the Project Managers’ Forum, which later became the AIPM, and have that information accessible to all.

“There was no central repository for things like articles of incorporation, minutes from meetings back in the 1970s, photographs and other historical documentation” she says.

Algeo formed a project team to interview key people, collect artefacts and seek sponsors with the enthusiasm of the Council of Fellows, and the Chair Bill Young, and driven by the dedication of the project manager, WA Chapter Coordinator Martine Peasley. 

Early on the team realised that the initial idea of publishing a book wouldn’t work. “It had to be a living historical repository as it was going to be continually created,” says Algeo. After considering an e-book format, which turned out to be costly and unwieldy, the team decided that a microsite, created in conjunction with the AIPM’s new website, was the best fit as it could be added to as new material came to light.

The best part of the project has been the momentum it has created. “As people hear about the project they remember things and they send us material,” says Algeo.

One treasure trove of artefacts was contained in a briefcase donated by Jenny Kooyman, widow of the late Brian Kooyman, an AIPM Life Fellow. Other gems, such as minutes from the very first Project Managers’ Forum AGM, came from AIPM Life Fellow Bruce Hovey. These documents shed light on why a professional association was established and what it hoped to achieve.

Algeo says she hopes making history available and accessible will provide ‘lessons learnt’ for new initiatives as well as give project managers the impetus to keep the story going forward. 

She believes Edward Carr, author of What is History?, said it best: “History begins with the handing down of tradition; and tradition means the carrying of the habits and lessons of the past into the future. Records of the past begin to be kept for the benefit of future generations.” 

The project team would like to thank sponsors Mosaic Project Services, Pavlov Group and the WAPMA Trust for their generous support of the site.

Listen and learn: Click here to visit the History of Project Management in Australia.

​Have you any stories or artefcats to share? Contact Michael Martin at Communications@aipm.com.au.