25 Jan 2017

Team Triton takes out National Title

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Team Triton takes out National Title

Adelaide Primary School "Team Triton" have been announced as the National ROV Champions at the recent Subs in Schools Technology Challenge.

The team received guidance on their project from SA Chapter Council Members, Craig Rigg and Ashok Thaper, who went to Prince Alfred College in Adelaide to present on Project Management and to assist Team Triton. Project Manager, Eric (aged 11), develop a GANTT chart for inclusion into his teams entry into the "Subs in Schools" Competition, co-sponsored by SAAB and The Department of Defence.  
The four boys of 'Team Triton' Eric (11), Jake (11), Mason (12) and Griffin (12) are members of a high achievers fast development class at Price Alfred College.  Eric came up with the idea to enter the competition aimed at year 11 and 12 students (typically 16-18 years old) sought 'applications' from his entire class; he then selected 3 members to be on his team.  Eric specifically stated he picked the most motivated and knowledgeable students to be a part of his team and he did not take into account his schoolyard friendships!!
Ashok and Craig spent time with Eric and MS Project to help him develop his final GANNT chart.  Craig noted, that “Eric essentially had his chart already hand written using graph paper and coloured pencils.  This chart was mapped out to into 1/2 day blocks, allowed for weekends and school holidays and was logically laid out with tasks leading into subsequent tasks.  As a result, the task of Eric building his GANNT chart was not about getting the logic correct, but more a task of just capturing the info into MS Project.”  Team Triton did it!  That’s right, four boys aged 11 and 12 years old won a national competition against year 10’s.  And what’s even more amazing is they won 7 out of the 9 categories.

Team Triton were a runner up in the verbal presentation and then:

  • Winner best ROV sea trial

  • Best ROV team marketing

  • Best ROV portfolio

  • Best manufactured ROV

  • Best engineered ROV

  • Best ROV graphic design


“All of us were absolutely thrilled when we received our first award, but we were amazed when we took home six others including Australia’s national champion trophy”, said Eric, Project Manager of Team Triton.

Eric acknowledged and thanked AIPM for supporting and encouraging the Team.  “Thank you so much for your support and sponsorship, because without you we would not have been victorious on Wednesday night.”

The competition is led by Re-Engineering Australia, who in conjunction with the AIPM work to promote project management principles in schools across Australia through REA's applied learning programs after the recent signing of a Memorandum of Understanding.