23 Sep 2020

Vale Nick Massie

Nick Massie
Vale Nick Massie

Nick Massie was your quintessential low-key professional that got things done without fan fair. He was a unique, humble person with a giant’s soul.

A civil engineer by profession he worked for decades on large infrastructure projects, particularly rail. A number of us first met him in the mid-1990s, when he was working for John Wertheimer’s based in the Reserve Bank Building in Collins Street, Melbourne. He was hosting at that time the monthly AIPM State Council meetings.

He was a member of the Victorian Chapter Council from (or near) its’ inception. According to former State President Heinz Hasselroither, he served as Secretary of the Council for an extended period around that time. This was in the days before local support staff and a remote Sydney National office of only a few people. The role of Secretary meant directly doing much of the Chapters' administrative work and organising all manner of events. His contribution effort even went back to being involved with the Project Managers Forum - a precursor body to AIPM prior to its’ National incorporation. This included the transition of the PMF into the AIPM.
In later times, and as the Councils’ ambit grew, Nick remained a stalwart contributor. This ranged from participating in the formulation of strategy and policy for the Victorian Chapter to responsibilities for particular programs and activities. His portfolio of responsibilities were diverse, as the Chapter reached out to the different parts of the State to increase accessibility and engagement with remote members. Nick had a real sense for regional members getting value from their membership. He also took a strong interest in professional development and played a leading role in the delivery of the Chapters’ mentoring program - the first AIPM Chapter to run such a program. In addition to being one of the key program drivers he took on individual mentoring himself, sharing his professional experience.
For the last three years of his term as a Councillor Nick was the elected Vice President of the Victorian Chapter and played a broad role in the affairs of both State Council and National issues. At a National level he contributed through his involvement at different times with the broader AIPM governance and policy development. He was a member of advisory committees on membership and professional development. He was also a long-standing member of the then Council of Fellows that provided high order advice on significant issues concerning Institute direction and ethics. In his final term he was a member of the National Chapter Congress; established under the new AIPM Constitution in 2016 to assist the Board with the direction and implementation of the AIPM National Strategy as well as alignment of country-wide Chapter activities.


Nick Massie (centre, front) and AIPM Members at the 2019 Victoria PMAA dinner.

A number of years ago Nick packed up his activities in Melbourne and moved with his family to the Macedon Ranges - a tree / mountain change from city life. He took up a local municipal job looking after Council infrastructure. Even though he developed new local interests in the Mechanics Institute and Landcare, he never abandoned his beloved AIPM.

Like so many within the AIPM, it is hard to farewell Nick, he is such a part of our whole development story, and particularly the Victorian Chapter. He has left a legacy of decades of contribution to the project management profession. Though Nick officially retired from the Victorian Council at the end of 2018, he remained connected through relationships with his many friends and colleagues in the Institute.
The AIPM are deeply grateful to Nick and his wife for the passion and contribution they both made to the development over several decades to the AIPM and the project management profession broadly.

Nick was a man of integrity and sense of fair play. He had a great sense of humour and had an indelible bright spirit. Regardless of the circumstances, whenever you met Nick, he would always be smiling and positive.

Nick, we love you and will miss you; you are part of our journey and that of the AIPM.


Bill Young, past AIPM National President, Michael Ratcliffe, past Victorian Chapter President, Trevor Alex, past AIPM Director, Gary Yorke, past Victorian State Councillor, Chivonne Algeo former National Director, Olimpia Watkins, former Vic. Chapter Coordinator, Chris Latcham Victorian State President, Leh Simonelli, former National Chairman, Heinz Hasselroither, past Victorian Chapter President, Mike King, Chairman of the AIPM.