21 May 2020

Let’s push the go button on “shovel ready” projects

Press release
Let’s push the go button on “shovel ready” projects

Peak body supports the acceleration of major projects to boost the economy.

The Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) and its industry partners support the bringing forward of major infrastructure projects, to help pull Australia's economy out from the impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

"It has been encouraging to see that governments are looking to speed up infrastructure and construction projects, such as new rail lines, road works and school upgrades to kick start the economy," said Elizabeth Foley, AIPM CEO.

With job losses in the millions, Foley explained that to get the economy back on track and to boost employment, governments across Australia need to invest. “We also support the continued funding of the bushfire relief, as affected communities are still on the road to recovery and require the support of governments," said Ms Foley.

Stuart Cassie, Chair of AIPM's Industry Leaders Group explained that government and large Private Sector organisations play a key role in helping boost Australia’s economy in a COVID-19 recovery scenario. “The quickest way that they can do this is by bringing forward infrastructure investment to enable projects to be accelerated, creating jobs and bringing much needed economic, environmental and social benefits.”
AIPM and its industry partners encourage governments to put these discussions into action and ensure that competent project managers are at the helm of these major infrastructure projects. “While money needs to be spent on projects that will boost the economy, at the same time we want to ensure that the money is spent efficiently. When we look at projects like the Sydney Light Rail and Royal Adelaide Hospital, there were major cost blow outs", said Ms Foley.
Foley urged governments to call on specialist project managers that have qualifications and experience behind them to ensure the projects that are brought forward do not see the same cost blow-outs. 

Ms Foley explained, “when we see these shovel ready projects accelerated there needs to be standards and controls in place with competent project managers employed.”

Elizabeth Foley, CEO of AIPM is available for comment on request.

Marcus Sandmann, Chief Marketing Officer, Australian Institute of Project Management                         
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