Sustainable Projects  
BAC 6MW Solar Farm | Brisbane Airport Corporation Pty Ltd
Brisbane Airport Corporation’s 12 months, $11 million development of the 6MW solar farm was remarkable that it delivered Southern Hemisphere’s biggest single roof top solar farm and also the first Australian Airport to develop and maintain a 6MW solar farm. The 20,937 solar panels used for the 6MW solar farm if installed flat, they will take up more than twice the size of the Melbourne Cricket Club. As part of the project we installed over 200km of cables and Brisbane Airport’s International Terminal Building alone has more than 6,500 panels which is a 1.74MW solar system spanning over more than 20,000 meter squares. Once fully operational, the new system will account for 18 per cent of BAC’s direct electricity consumption, or 6 per cent of our total consumption. The solar energy generated per year is equivalent to powering over 1,700 Australian homes for a year, with carbon offset equal to planting over 50,000 trees or taking 1,500 cars off the road each year.

Following strong project management principles, using the latest engineering tools , BAC developed a carefully staged program of works that not only kept all of the stakeholders informed on the course of the project but also identified and implemented operational measures to avoid disruption to passengers and airlines.