Learning and Teaching Building - Monash University

The 2013 Learning Spaces Review recognised that; learning spaces at Monash had not kept pace with use or pedagogical change, Monash were underinvesting in comparison to other like institutions and identified the need for a new Learning and Teaching Building (LTB).  Subsequently a project feasibility study and business case were prepared identifying a requirement for a 28,000m2 facility with a forecast cost of $180m.
Concurrently the University had determined the need to establish a compelling frontage for the campus to Wellington Road for the new LTB and Transport Interchange in addition to a new parking facility.  The outcome: LTB Building ($170M), 830 space carpark ($37M), 7 acres Southern Precinct Landscaping ($35.5M) and a new Transport Interchange ($9.1M) were combined into one ($257.9M) project.
This was to be the single largest infrastructure project undertaken by the University which would not only provide a new landmark for Monash University, but also a symbol for the future direction of learning and teaching for its staff and students.