My career as a Project Manager - Pranjal Pawar

17 May 2022
Meet the member

In our AIPM Meet the member series, we speak to a range of project professionals about their experiences as a project manager (PM), and their advice for fellow PMs.

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5 cost estimation techniques for better project management

10 May 2022

Accurate cost estimation is one of the trickiest project management skills to master, as there are always so many unknowns in projects.

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Increasing productivity with workflow automation

03 May 2022

Workflow automation is no news in many industries, but what about project management?

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Using the Agile Scrum approach in your next project

02 May 2022

If you work in project management, particularly software development, it would be a big surprise if you haven’t come across the terms Agile and Scrum. But what’s the difference?

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Managing financial risks in construction projects

26 Apr 2022
Risk management

Construction projects are experiencing catastrophic consequences from the COVID-19 outbreak, with a surge in financial risks.

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How to improve your project management skills

19 Apr 2022

Project managers need a combination of technical, leadership and business acumen skills to deliver projects successfully. Cultivating such a broad array of skills requires focus. You’ll need to keep adapting and improving your project...

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What can leaders do to retain their teams?

12 Apr 2022

While many are still debating whether the ‘Great Resignation’ will ever fully reach Australian shores, there is one worrying truth emerging from our workforce: employees are burnt out and it is one of the biggest reasons for their...

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10 most successfully managed projects in Australia

05 Apr 2022
Project awards

At a time when it’s more important than ever to celebrate success, we take a look at the top 10 most successfully managed projects in Australia.

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7 popular project scheduling tools and techniques

29 Mar 2022
Technical skills

Complex, transformational projects are becoming the norm. Between a global pandemic, political unrest and the devastating impact of climate change, the project delivery environment is more volatile than ever. 

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Top 3 PM3 project management reports

22 Mar 2022

This blog describes the top three reports from PM3, an easy to use project, programme, and portfolio management tool, that our clients use for their steering committees.

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