The ultimate guide to project budgets

10 Aug 2021
Project management skills

Every project, no matter how big or small, involves costs. It’s very rare to have endless piles of money at the ready, so having a planned budget for a project is a must. As the project manager, you’ll...

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Project manager salary – What are we worth?

03 Aug 2021
Project manager salary

As you map out your project management career, you are probably wondering what you can expect to be paid as you work your way up. Of course, the answer is – it depends!

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Benjamin Hanley on developing a successful career in project management

27 Jul 2021
Meet the member

In our Meet the Member series, we speak to a range of project professionals about their experiences as a project manager, and their advice for fellow PMs. 

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Best Stakeholder Management Techniques for Project Managers

20 Jul 2021

In an ideal world, all projects would be delivered on time, within the budget and provide an end product that satisfies all stakeholders. Unfortunately, many projects fail due to poor communication and planning for...

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How professional memberships can advance your career

13 Jul 2021
Professional development

Are you looking for a community of like-minded professionals where you can grow your network and stay up to date on what is happening in your profession? 

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What is an Agile environment?

13 Jul 2021

Successfully managing projects using Agile is more than just following a set of principles or sticking to the roles and steps articulated in one of the many Agile frameworks.

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Project in the spotlight: Improving air quality monitoring stations in NSW

06 Jul 2021
Project in the spotlight

In this article, Benjamin Sharp and Joshua Murphy from NSW Public Works Advisory explain how improved air quality monitoring and strengthened air quality management are helping people suffering from respiratory...

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Project delivery scorecard: How is your industry performing?

29 Jun 2021
Peter Sexton

Each year the AIPM works with KPMG to analyse project delivery performance in Australia. 

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What is a project schedule?

22 Jun 2021
Project management skills

Could you find your way without a map?

Starting a project without a well-considered project schedule is like setting off on a journey without fuel, luggage, or a destination in mind.

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The Trove Modernisation Program: Redesigning the National Library of Australia

16 Jun 2021
Paradigm Shift, Fellows Forum

In June 2020, at the height of the pandemic, the National Library of Australia (NLA) successfully released a redesigned, rebranded, rearchitected, transformed Trove.

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