Intergenerational Mentoring to Retain Baby Boomer Legacy

19 Nov 2020
Mentoring, Baby boomers, Millennials

With over two million baby boomers expected to retire from the Australian workforce in the coming decade, organisations need to prepare for a way to retain their expertise and knowledge.

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Getting it Right: Supporting Mega Project Delivery

17 Nov 2020

With major projects in the pipeline, how can we ensure they are delivered to a high standard and within budget?

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What Does Good Risk Management Look Like?

12 Nov 2020
Risk Management

Let’s talk about risk management. Without exception, for all project professionals identifying and managing risk in order to achieve our objectives is an essential skill to have.

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The Outlook for Project Delivery in 2020 and Beyond

10 Nov 2020

For the past three years KPMG and the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) have conducted a joint survey, with over 550 Australian project management professionals, to identify the issues and trends in...

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Moving to Australia during COVID-19 as a Project Manager

05 Nov 2020
Case study

For Ben Keen, Marine Programs Manager at Babcock Australia & New Zealand, moving to Australia was a dream some 10 years in the making.

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Why you Should Track the Benefits

27 Oct 2020

The value of tracking project benefits has caught the attention of organisations across all sectors.

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Project in the Spotlight: How Lark Distillery Moved to Sanitiser Production

20 Oct 2020
Project in the Spotlight

Founded by Bill Lark in 1992, Lark Distillery is Tasmania’s oldest single malt whisky distiller. Before COVID-19 its core business was producing whiskey, as well as its gin brand, Forty Spotted Gin.

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The Importance of Risk Control Measures in the Workplace

15 Oct 2020
Risk Management

In order to keep your employees and workplace safe, it's important to identify and assess risk.

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Project Management Skills You Need to Stand Out from the Crowd

13 Oct 2020

Now more than ever before, organisations are taking greater care of where and how they spend their money and they want a “safe pair of hands” to deliver their projects.

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7 Risk Management Principles for Better Results

08 Oct 2020
Risk Management

Building a good risk management plan will help protect your company's resources, reputation, and people.

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