How to Become a Project Manager

28 Jul 2020

So you are interested in becoming a Project Manager but how exactly do you go about it?

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Using the Agile Scrum Approach in your Next Project

21 Jul 2020
Agile, Methodologies

If you work in project management, particularly software development, it would be a big surprise if you haven’t come across the terms Agile and Scrum. But what’s the difference?

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What does a Project Manager do?

16 Jul 2020

Project management is becoming more prevalent in many organisations and industries as a skill set and profession.

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4 Project Management Skills No One Told You Were Needed

14 Jul 2020
Career, Soft Skills

The practical or hard skills of project management, such as data collection and management, risk management, budgeting, and scheduling and so on, are often the focus of the Project Manager’s early development...

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It's Time to Review Australia's Child Care System

07 Jul 2020
Elizabeth Foley

With the Government's free child care scheme coming to an end, a spotlight has been shone on the system as a whole.

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Project in the Spotlight: Improving Water Quality for a Remote NT Community

30 Jun 2020
Project in the Spotlight

In our Project in the Spotlight series, we look at the projects that have been delivered across Australia, the challenges the project managers faced and how they overcame them. 

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Keeping your Project on Budget and Avoiding Project Overruns

23 Jun 2020

Are you currently facing issues with project overruns? While a lot of projects do have overruns, the good news is there are strategies for ensuring your projects are completed on time and within budget.

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5 Must-Know Risk Management Strategies

16 Jun 2020
Risk Management

Professional project managers ­that do more than ‘drive a Toyota HiLux!’ – know that risk management is a core element of project management and the planning process.

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Project Manager Salary – What Are We Worth?

11 Jun 2020
Project manager salary

As you map out your project management career– you are probably wondering what you can expect to be paid as you work your way up. Of course, the answer is – it depends!

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Project Managers Will Play an Important Part in our Recovery

09 Jun 2020

Governments all around Australia are prioritising and fast-tracking major infrastructure projects to assist in driving our economic recovery, as we start to contain the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis. In NSW alone...

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