Improving employee engagement at Secom

15 Feb 2022
Project in the spotlight

Directors at Secom Technical Services have successfully improved employee engagement during these challenging times through an innovative performance management and wellbeing strategy.

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My career as a Project Manager – Nick Jago

08 Feb 2022
Meet the member

In our Meet the member series, we speak to a range of project professionals about their experiences as a project manager (PM), and their advice for fellow PMs.

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7 ways professional development boosts your career

01 Feb 2022
Professional development

No matter what formal education you have completed to enter a career in project management, it’s important to never stop learning.

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Management styles in business

18 Jan 2022
Management styles

In the business world, the leadership style you choose to emulate will either make or break your team’s cohesion, productivity, and success. These decisions culminate in management styles, which when understood, can be used to your...

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A COVID forced business pivot

11 Jan 2022
Business strategy

During the pandemic, many companies have been pushed to operate in new ways and have responded with innovative pivots. The Project Bureau is one of these companies, and Managing Director Andrew Fox describes its journey.

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Breaking free from rigid ways of thinking

04 Jan 2022

David Armsworth-Maw is an experienced project and program manager who, in this article, offers strategies to reduce entrapment from personal and social norms, based on research he has undertaken as part of a masters in coaching psychology.

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Project parent: the greatest challenge of all

23 Dec 2021

Claire Donaldson reflects on how her most recent challenge as a leader saw her feeling unprepared even after months of planning.

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Are you using Agile effectively?

21 Dec 2021

Since the development of the Agile Manifesto in 2001, Agile practices have been gaining traction in many fields. While Agile practices have the biggest apparent impact to software development processes, we have seen Agile practices finding...

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Artificial intelligence for sustainable project management

14 Dec 2021
Artificial intelligence

As the world begins to seriously shift towards a more sustainable future, the project management space is following suit with sustainable project management.

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A 101 guide to project stakeholder management

07 Dec 2021
Project stakeholder management

Unhappy stakeholders can derail even the best-managed projects. That’s why it’s so essential to build solid project stakeholder management skills.

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