The Digitalisation of Project Management Processes

18 Feb 2020

The benefits of digitalisation continue to impact many aspects of our lives. As consumers of information we expect anywhere anytime access beyond barriers of time and location. As customers we demand 24/7 access to products and services backed...

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3 Skills Needed in the Era of Digital Disruption

13 Feb 2020
Artificial intelligence, Soft skills, Technology

Technology, digital disruption and artificial intelligence are often posed as an existential crisis for project management professionals. The truth is – it’s the opportunity you have been waiting for to focus on the soft skills that...

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Intergenerational Mentoring to Retain Baby Boomer Legacy

04 Feb 2020
Mentoring, Baby boomers, Millenials

With over two million Baby Boomers expected to retire from the Australian workforce in the coming decade, organisations need to prepare for a way to retain their expertise and knowledge. Art of...

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Project Management Salary Negotiation: A Guide

28 Jan 2020
Salary guide, Negotiation

Salary negotiations are infrequent conversations that happen yearly during appraisals or while moving jobs. Add to this the discomfort that comes with discussing money and salary negotiations become an avoided topic that a lot of candidates don...

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How Disruptive will Blockchain be for Project Management?

21 Jan 2020
Guest writer, Steve Wilson, Blockchain

Blockchain has been around for some time. It has made in-roads into select financial services and supply chains among other areas. Conventional functions like government are now sitting up and looking at Blockchain with greater interest...

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The Impact of AI on the Australian Project Management Industry

14 Jan 2020
Artificial intelligence, Guest writer, Dr. Greg Usher

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines. It encompasses automation, machine learning, machine vision, natural language processing and robotics. The reaction to AI has been a mixed bag...

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The Millennial Project Manager: New Leaders for a New Time

07 Jan 2020
Guest writer, Millennials, Future leaders

We have been here before. In the 50’s, as project management emerged as a discipline, the mantle was taken up by the young managers rather than the establishment. Even in the early 90’s project management was new in some...

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Complexity in Engineering Procurement and Construct Projects

24 Dec 2019
Guest writer, Mathew Winchur, EPC

In this article, the basics of complexity will be translated into EPC projects. A risk trend of how the emergent impacts from complexity could generate cost volatility will be provided. These risk trends will highlight the fact that...

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Project Management Starts with Philosophy

17 Dec 2019
Guest Writer, David Porter

We think of project management as practical methods, skills, systems and tools for achieving practical and measurable outcomes. However, a project management philosophy underpins this. All forms of human knowledge have a philosophy, as...

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The Future Management of Large-Scale Projects

10 Dec 2019
Guest writer, Large scale projects, David Porter

Project managers are expected to effectively manage large and complex projects or programmes, but it is widely recognised that these large-scale projects are not always delivered as planned. In liaison with the client, project managers...

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