Stakeholder engagement: Getting buy-in for your projects

21 Sep 2021
Skills, Project communication

As you know, communication with stakeholders is one of the most important skills for any project management professional, and how good you are at it can make or break your career.

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Bringing energy and vibrancy into ECU’s new city campus project

14 Sep 2021
Project in the spotlight

Located in Perth’s CBD, ECU City is the centrepiece of the Perth City Deal, a collaboration between the Australian Government, Western Australian Government, and City of Perth. The Perth City Deal is a $1.5 billion partnership to deliver...

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Procurement as a skill for project managers

07 Sep 2021
Project management skills

Experienced project managers know that one of the biggest obstacles to successfully completing a project is managing risk. 

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Project in the spotlight: Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation (ACCCE) Project

31 Aug 2021
Project in the spotlight

Taking out the Project of the Year award in the 2020 Project Management Achievement Awards, the ACCCE...

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The definitive guide to project forecasting

24 Aug 2021
Project management skills

If you’re lying awake at night wondering if your project is going to hit its targets, you’re unfortunately doing a bit of nocturnal forecasting. You’re not alone, as we’ve all had those bolt...

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How to get your manager to invest in your professional development

17 Aug 2021
Professional development

Becoming your own professional development champion can have huge benefits, no matter where you’re at in your project management career.

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The ultimate guide to project budgets

10 Aug 2021
Project management skills

Every project, no matter how big or small, involves costs. It’s very rare to have endless piles of money at the ready, so having a planned budget for a project is a must. As the project manager, you’ll...

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Project manager salary – What are we worth?

03 Aug 2021
Project manager salary

As you map out your project management career, you are probably wondering what you can expect to be paid as you work your way up. Of course, the answer is – it depends!

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Benjamin Hanley on developing a successful career in project management

27 Jul 2021
Meet the member

In our Meet the Member series, we speak to a range of project professionals about their experiences as a project manager, and their advice for fellow PMs. 

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Best Stakeholder Management Techniques for Project Managers

20 Jul 2021

In an ideal world, all projects would be delivered on time, within the budget and provide an end product that satisfies all stakeholders. Unfortunately, many projects fail due to poor communication and planning for...

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