Tax Return Checklist for Project Managers

06 May 2021

As a project manager, just like any other company employee or independent contractor, you may be entitled to claim a range of expenses from training and education to tools and equipment. That is, if the expense is...

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How Kim Lenox discovered her passion for construction through a chance career move

04 May 2021
Meet the member

In our Meet the Member series, we speak to a range of project professionals about their experiences as a project manager, and their advice for fellow PMs. 

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Contract management 101 for project professionals

27 Apr 2021
Skills, Contract management

Part of your role as a project manager will likely involve managing contracts with your clients, contractors or any other third parties, which means having a strong understanding of contract management is an...

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Project in the spotlight: Animal magnetism draws visitors to South Perth

20 Apr 2021
Project in the spotlight

In this article Tracy Mackay, Project Director at NS Group and an AIPM WA Chapter Councillor, shares how the 'Connect South Mends Street’ project came to life. 

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5 leadership styles used in project management

13 Apr 2021

Did you know that leadership, communication and stakeholder management are rated as the top skills required to be a project manager today?

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Why are early career professionals leaving the construction industry?

06 Apr 2021
Career, Construction

In this article Dr. Jessica Borg and Associate Professor, Christina M. Scott-Young from RMIT University explore why there are such low retention rates for early career professionals in construction and how it can...

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3 communication methods in project management

30 Mar 2021
Skills, Project communication

Being able to communicate effectively with everyone from the project team to contractors and clients is at the forefront of a project’s success. 

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What is design thinking and how can it help project managers?

23 Mar 2021
Design thinking

If you work as a project professional and have noticed projects seem to be becoming more complex, you’re not alone.

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Your guide to project management communication

18 Mar 2021
Skills, Communication

Communication is to a project manager, what persuasion is to a lawyer.  

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Project in the spotlight: Palmerston Police Station new purpose-built facility

16 Mar 2021
Project in the spotlight

Lionel Rosenberg, Senior Project Manager at RPS provides an overview of the Palmerston Police Station project, its complexities, outcomes and lessons learned. 

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