Communication with stakeholders in project management

09 Mar 2021
Skills, Project communication

Lack of communication or stakeholder involvement is known to be one of the major reasons behind project failures.

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How can we pave the way for female project professionals?

03 Mar 2021
Gender equity

With the release of AIPM's 2021 Gender Equity Report, we speak to four female senior leaders in project management, about the current gender diversity challenge and the areas where improvement is still needed...

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3 key elements of effective conflict management

02 Mar 2021
Conflict management, Leadership

As a project manager there are a range of skills required while leading and managing your project, one of them being conflict management.

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Project communication is broken: These 3 changes can fix it

24 Feb 2021

The global pandemic has reshaped the way we work and communicate. Working remotely is here to stay and communicating anywhere, anytime is the new normal.

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4 ways to enhance your project relationships

16 Feb 2021
Career, Soft Skills

The practical or hard skills of project management, such as data collection and management, risk management, budgeting, and scheduling and so on, are often the focus of the project manager’s early development...

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What’s holding Agile methods back?

09 Feb 2021
Project management insights

If there was ever a year in which agile ways of working should have shone, it was 2020. So what should we make of AIPM research showing that less than one third of project managers are seeing good results from...

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Are project managers ready for change?

04 Feb 2021
Project management insights

In 2020, COVID-19 forced many project managers to respond to change like never before. So why is formal change management not a larger part of the project manager toolkit?

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Project in the Spotlight: Brisbane Airport’s New Parallel Runway

02 Feb 2021
PMAAs, In the Spotlight

In this article we hear from Adam Tull, the 2020 PMAA National Project Professional winner about the success of Brisbane Airport Corporation’s New Parallel Runway.

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What will PMOs look like in 2021 and beyond?

28 Jan 2021
Project management insights

AIPM and KPMG research reveals that centralised project management offices are growing in popularity, as well as broadening the scope of their roles. So what comes next?

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Infographic: Project Delivery Performance in Australia

26 Jan 2021
Project management insights

How did project managers cope with the upheavals of 2020? What is the future for project delivery in Australia in the coming years? 

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