Project Management in 2020: Navigating the Months Ahead

09 Apr 2020

Here at the Australian Institute of Project Management we recently ran a webinar on Navigating the challenges of COVID-19. This webinar had our largest attendance to date and it&rsquo...

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How Does Data Improve Project Management?

07 Apr 2020

Between 2015 and 2019, there was a $558 million increase in revenue generated from the big data and business analytics market in Australia.

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Top Project Management Methodologies and How to Choose

02 Apr 2020

The list of project management methodologies keeps on getting longer - so where to start? And how do you choose which one is right for your project or organisation?

If you are just getting started...

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Remote Work: How to Manage Projects When You Work from Home

31 Mar 2020
Remote work

Long before the coronavirus pandemic captured global headlines, companies across the world have offered remote working arrangements to their employees.

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Staying Positive and Moving Forward in Uncertain Times

24 Mar 2020

There’s no question that the start to 2020 has been unpredictable and unsettling for many.  Bushfires and now the coronavirus (COVID-19) are driving economic uncertainty, putting new pressures on project...

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Project Management Upskilling: It’s About the Journey Not the Destination

17 Mar 2020

Let’s face it, the role and shape of project and program management roles are in flux. Technology is disrupting business and constantly re-configuring the way we need to create, manage and execute projects...

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Can Australia Close the Gender Gap on Superannuation?

12 Mar 2020
Gender equity, Elizabeth Foley

Gender Equity in Superannuation: Rebalancing for 2030

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6 Tips from 6 Women in Project Management

03 Mar 2020
Gender Equity

We sat down with 6 of today’s leading female project management professionals to learn more about their perspectives and what they see down the road for the industry and woman in project management.

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Early Signs your Project Might be Doomed

25 Feb 2020

We know – there’s a million reasons projects fail – but here’s a few to look out for early on so you can get things back on track.

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The Digitalisation of Project Management Processes

18 Feb 2020

The benefits of digitalisation continue to impact many aspects of our lives. As consumers of information we expect anywhere anytime access beyond barriers of time and location. As customers we demand 24/7 access to...

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