Tax Return Checklist for Project Managers

02 Jun 2020

As a project manager, just like any other company employee or independent contractor, you may be entitled to claim a range of expenses from training and education to tools and equipment. That is if the expense is...

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From Project Coordinator to Project Manager

28 May 2020

You’ve been working hard for the last couple of years at your Project Coordinator’s role but you’re thinking it’s time to move on up and take on more responsibility.

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How Businesses Can Weather the Storm

26 May 2020

COVID-19 is having a huge impact on all our lives, beyond what we ever imagined, and the disruption to business has been at the very core, sending a ripple effect to our livelihoods and the global economy. ...

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Are you an Accidental Project Manager?

21 May 2020

Most of us in our professional (and personal) lives have to manage projects. Otherwise work and life is just a series of never-ending random tasks. But it’s fair to say that, for some, managing projects is...

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Building Employee Resilience with Neuroscience

19 May 2020

In the wake of COVID-19, helping employees deal with change is an important skill to have as a project manager.

So how can you use neuroscience to improve your teams’ experience, foster...

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Project Manager to Program Manager - Mapping out your Career

14 May 2020

Planning out a career in project management can mean taking a few different paths. But one of the most popular is the journey from Project Manager to Program Manager.

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The Best Projects have their Challenges

12 May 2020

Entries for our 2020 Project Management Achievement Awards (PMAAs) are now open, which are designed to recognise, honour and promote...

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The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Australia

05 May 2020
Artificial intelligence, Technology

In a recent podcast for Endeavour Programme, our CEO Elizabeth Foley spoke to journalist Rebecca Archer about the concept...

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Tips for Choosing the Right Collaboration Tools

30 Apr 2020
Project management tools

As you bunker down in this new remote working world and get focused on your project deliverables, are you thinking about whether you need to upgrade or purchase new digital tools to get your project set up for...

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How to Get a Job as a Project Manager Today

28 Apr 2020
Career, Hays

In today’s world of work, many project managers find themselves in the position of looking for and starting a new job while working remotely.

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