Certification is your official recognition as a project management professional. It provides the same recognition within industry afforded to other professional disciplines such as accounting, engineering and law.


Become part of the elite

AIPM Certification is highly sought after within industry and government as it brings professional rigour and insight to the delivery of organisational outcomes through the practice of project management.

As a certified AIPM practitioner you belong to an elite group, whose members are recognised as certified project managers, program managers, project directors and/or portfolio executives.

By becoming part of the elite, you will:

  • Increase your probability of earning a higher salary

  • Become more competitive amongst your peers

  • Enhance your organisation’s competitive value.

AIPM offers certification for individuals and organisations. We currently offer one different certification avenue:

Certification Information Webinars

National Certification (RegPM) Webinar


International Certification (IPMA) Webinar