Certification Process

The Transition certification from RegPM to IPMA process uses ICB - IPMA Competence Baseline Version 3.0, June 2006, for competence only.

The transition certification process is over 3 stages and takes approximately 1-2 months depending on your availability to prepare for your assessment.

Long title

Short title 

Transition Assessment

Certification Process


Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Certified Projects Director            

IPMA Level A®             

Knowledge + experience

Application, curriculum vitae, self- assessment, Competence Development Plan, project list


Final evaluation+ feedback

5 years   

Certified Senior Project Manager

IPMA Level B®

Certified Project Manager

IPMA Level C®

More information on the certification process for each Level is described in the Candidate Guide to Transition Certification from RegPM to IPMA.

Application Packages for Transition Certification

Candidates may apply at any time by completing the appropriate RegPM to IPMA Transition Application documentation. Once submitted to you will be contacted by one of our team who will provide you with the relevant documentation you will need for the certification process.

Please familiarise yourself with the Candidate Guide to Transition Certification from RegPM to IPMA before submitting your RegPM to IPMA Transition Application Form.

Please click here to download the appropriate Application Package for each certification level.

For candidates who are not AIPM members, please visit the Australian International Certification Body website for more information on how to apply.


Fees for Certification

Below are the fees (including GST) charged to candidates for Transition certification (effective from April 2019).

Transition from RegPM to IPMA (excluding GST)

Level A

Level B

Level C

Total cost to candidate (non-refundable)




Note: Transition Certification fees will be reviewed annually and may be subject to increase at AIPM/AICB discretion.

Certification Rounds

Please see approved Transition certification rounds for all levels for 2019.

Quarter 1
Quarter 2
Application deadline

22 January

23 April

Self-assessment, Competence Development Plan; CV; supporting documents

5 February

7 May

Assessment interviews (Levels A,B,C)
4-8 March
Exact date, time and venue to be confirmed by AICB
3-7 June
Exact date, time and venue to be confirmed by AICB




The certificate remains valid only with continued project management activity at the Level certified for five (5) years at which time candidates must recertify within six (6) months to maintain their certification.

For the candidate to pass the recertification process, the candidate is required to supply evidence of their continuous professional development since the last certification or recertification of 35 hours per annum, during the last 5 years.

Please click here to find more information on the recertification process and documentation.