The AIPM certification journey


Becoming a RegPM

The journey of a project management professional involves persistent upskilling, staying updated on industry best practices and building relevant experience with implementation of latest project management methodologies. This implies securing the right project opportunities. The most effective and relied upon approach to achieving this is to have your project management capabilities evaluated and certified by an industry recognised project management institute of repute like AIPM. Our RegPM certification offers you the recognition that will give you the visibility to land the right project management opportunities.

1. Become a member of AIPM:
Access to our RegPM program is available to full AIPM Members. If you are not a member you can apply for membership and certification at the same time. 

Become a member

2. Apply for RegPM Certification:
If you are current Member and not yet a RegPM, apply for certification below.
Please note, the below application form is only accessible to Members who are not yet Certified and are logged in.

Apply for RegPM Certification


3. Be assigned an assessor:
If you are an existing client of an approved AIPM Assessor, you can nominate this Assessor to conduct your assessment. The Assessor will be asked to confirm this. If you are not an existing client of an approved AIPM Assessor, AIPM will allocate an assessor for you. AIPM will aim to find an assessor in the same location as the candidate. See assessors >


4. Complete the assessment:
You must submit your assessment evidence to your assessor within six (6) months from the date applied.

5. Your assessor submits an assessment report:
The assessment report will recommend that a candidate is Competent or Not Yet Competent.

6. You will be recognised as a Certified Project Professional:
If you are successful, your name will also be placed on our online register of certified project professionals. We will issue you with a certificate of registration which is valid for three years.

7. Maintain your certification:
During the three years, you will need to undertake Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to renew your certification. Maintaining your certification is subject to your continued financial membership of AIPM. A recertification fee applies. 


Learn about maintaining your RegPM Certification