Questions about the Australian Institute of Project Management’s RegPM Certification?
Here’s some of your frequently asked questions, answered. 

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About RegPM
The Certification Process
Maintaining your RegPM Certification



What is RegPM?
Registered Project Manager (RegPM) is AIPM’s Certification program. By taking part in our Certification program you will be assessed on your workplace competency as a project professional.

With many employers now asking for RegPM Certification as part of the recruitment process, certification gives you the competitive edge to help you move your project management career in the right direction.

By becoming certified you will join over 3,200 project professionals across Australia and internationally, who have taken their project management career to the next level.

Wondering where you stand in your career as a project professional? Assess your project management skills with our free self-evaluation tool.

What are the benefits of gaining RegPM certification?
AIPM’s Certification thoroughly evaluates your project management capabilities to ensure you have the skills that align with business needs and standards across industries. AIPM RegPM certification will:

  • identify any gaps in your skills;
  • improve your knowledge, skills and capabilities in project management;
  • provide you with a competitive advantage over non-Registered Project Managers;
  • give you recognition from the peak body for project management in Australia for your capabilities;
  • provide you with recognition in your organisation for your project management capabilities, in addition to your technical capabilities;
  • identify a path for progressing your career - from project team member to project manager to project director or program manager; and
  • ensure your inclusion on the Register of Project Managers.

Which certification level should I apply for?
If you’re unsure which certification level is right for you, visit our National Certification page which runs through the different levels in detail. You can also take our self-evaluation quiz to help you determine which level to apply for or make an enquiry here for more assistance. 

Is the RegPM Certification industry specific?
No, certification is not industry specific. The great part about our Certification program, is that once you’re certified as a Project Professional it will apply no matter which industry you work in. RegPM Certification is based on the Professional Competency Standards for Project Management (PCSPM), which was developed using cross-industry feedback.

It is important to note that Assessors must assess against Competency Standards for Workplace Training & Assessment and not against industry codes or practices, particularly if those codes or practices are inconsistent with the PCSPM.

Does AIPM have a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process for its certification?
Yes we do recognise prior learning, however only for our first level of certification – Certified Practising Project Practitioner (CPPP). Please let us know if you have undertaken one of our endorsed courses, or have obtained other credentials for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Learn more about automatic recognition for Certified Practicing Project Practitioner (CPPP) here. To apply for this, you will need to join AIPM as a full member.

I have a project management qualification. Does that qualify me as a RegPM?
The short answer is no as there is a difference between a certification (issued by a professional body) and a qualification (issued by a university, TAFE, Registered Training Authority etc.).

While certification assesses your workplace-based competency, generally qualifications issued by universities and other higher education institutions do not include a competency-based component in the assessment criteria, instead the assessment component usually comprises of exams and assignments and focuses on knowledge only.

I have a "PMP", does this qualify me for the RegPM certification?
The PMP is the certification awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI). It has two elements – knowledge and experience.

AIPM recognises the PMP and other credentials for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for the Certified Practising Project Practitioner (CPPP) level of certification only. To apply for this, you will be required to join AIPM in the Member grade.

I am not currently working in project management. Am I still able to enrol in the program?
The RegPM is a workplace assessment program. When compiling the logbook for the RegPM, you must be able to provide evidence from a recent project or projects (within the past 3 years) for each performance criteria.

This will be easier to do if you are currently working on a project(s). If you are not working on a project, then it may take longer to gather the evidence. It is also possible to complete the program using evidence of your project management capabilities applied in some other context, e.g. projects you may be involved in for volunteer associations.

I am not a resident in Australia. Can I still enrol in the program?
Although from a workplace assessment perspective, it is often useful for your Assessor to observe you in your working environment, it is not essential. A number of overseas candidates have successfully completed our certification program, communicating with their Assessors over email and by teleconference.

Please keep in mind you will need to be able to complete your assessment documentation, provide project management evidence and partake in an interview in English.

Assessors on the Register of Assessors have indicated whether they are available to assess overseas and/or interstate candidates.



What is involved in the assessment process?
The Assessment process consists of:

  1. Initial discussion with AIPM Assessor.
  2. Completion of Assessment Record Book (provide evidence of your recent projects/programs and answer questions on your knowledge of project/program management).
  3. Interview with AIPM Assessor – examining your evidence and what you do and how you apply it in the context of your role. Checking to ensure the evidence meets the performance criteria for the level being assessed.
  4. Outcome recommendation of either “Competent or Not Yet Competent” provided by Assessor to AIPM.
  5. AIPM validates the assessment process has been fair and consistent and confirm/deny acceptance of recommendation.

What does ‘Competent’ or ‘Not Yet Competent’ mean?

  • Outcome of Competent: will see you certified by AIPM for 3 years. You will receive a digital certificate and will be able to use the post nominals.
  • Outcome of Not Yet Competent: your assessor will provide guidance on where the gaps are and you can choose how to fill them in. The current assessment process will be closed and if you wish to be assessed again when you have closed the gaps, this will require a new application.


Who are the Assessors?
AIPM’s Assessors are highly skilled project management professionals who are experienced in project management and competency-based assessment methods. To learn more about our certification assessors, click here.

How long does RegPM certification take?
There is a six month timeframe for candidates to complete their assessment after applying. If you have been involved in project management for some time, you may be able to complete your assessment sooner than this.

The timeframe to complete the assessment is six months from the date your Assessor is confirmed.

What evidence and documents do I need to provide?
There is no mandatory set of documents, as the documents used on projects can vary across organisations and industries.
The evidence you will need to provide must show the work is sourced from a project/program in which your role is clearly established, you have been responsible for the evidence e.g. prepared by you, written by you or signed by you and your signature is on several key deliverables to establish authenticity.

Your evidence must reflect your own work/involvement in the projects/programs.

How can I provide evidence if I work on government, defence projects or I am a contractor in an organisation?
Our Assessors have all signed a Confidentiality Agreement and are able to sight evidence electronically. They do not have to see physical evidence if this is not able to occur.

We also have Assessors who have the necessary security clearances to assess candidates working for Defence.

What is the definition of a large project?
A large project can be defined by evaluating the following: 

  • Total financial resources available

  • Number of team members involved

  • Number and size of deliverables to be produced

  • Complexity of deliverables to be produced

  • Number and complexity in stakeholders and their management

  • Timeframes involved in delivery

The greater the requirements in resources, finances and deliverables to deliver the project and the impact to the organisation, determines whether it is a large project.

What if I fail?
There is no pass or fail criteria, only ‘competent’ or ‘not yet competent’. If you receive a ‘Not Yet Competent’ your assessor will provide guidance on where the gaps are, and you can choose how to fill the gaps. The current assessment process will be closed and if you wish to be assessed again when you have closed the gaps, this will require a new certification assessment application.

What if I have extenuating circumstances while I am completing my assessment?
If you are unable to meet the deadline for the submission of your assessment evidence due to extenuating circumstances (such as serious illness or bereavement) you may apply for a one-month extension. 
Other situations will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. To be considered, circumstances must be supported with written evidence. All extension requests are subject to the AIPM RegPM Extension Policy.


What will happen after I have successfully completed certification?
AIPM will issue a certificate digitally on successful completion of the assessment process. After you have been awarded a RegPM certification at one of the five levels, you will be able to add the following post-nominals after your surname:

  • CPPP Certified Practising Project Practitioner

  • CPPM Certified Practising Project Manager

  • CPSPM Certified Practising Senior Project Manager

  • CPPD Certified Practising Project Director

  • CPPE Certified Practising Portfolio Executive

You can add the post-nominals to your email signature, CV, letterhead and Linkedin profile to highlight your competency in project management.

I’m ready to get started. What do I need to begin?
If you are already a member apply online for the assessment. Login to your MYAIPM account and select ‘Apply for REGPM’ in the dropdown. Complete your details, select the level for assessment and an Assessor if you have a preference (otherwise we will assign one). Pay the assessment fee and we will contact you to progress your application.

If you are not yet a member you can apply for membership and certification online. For membership you will need to upload a copy of your resume and complete the details for certification as previously stated.



What do I have to do to maintain my certification?
It’s important once you have completed your certification to continue your knowledge of the project management space. To maintain your AIPM certification you will need to undertake Continual Professional Development (CPD) and maintain 70 CPD points over the course of three years. We offer you a host of ways to upskill and stay updated on all that is latest from the project management industry. Build your CPD bank by choosing from events & conferences, qualifications, short courses, experience sessions, mentoring programs, volunteering work among other options. Access our CPD points table here.

Where do I find and log my points?
The CPD log is a self-managed system. To log your CPD points you’ll need to log into the member portal, MY AIPM. Once logged in click on the dropdown box (located in the top right corner) and select My CPD Points (accessible only to certified members).

How do I find out how many CPD points an activity I completed is worth? 
Please refer to the CPD Categories and Points Table to determine how many CPD points you are eligible for and what category the record should come under. 

I accidentally submitted the wrong information, what do I do? 
Once you have submitted CPD points you are not able to edit the records. To make any amendments please email regpm@aipm.com.au detailing the changes that need to be made. 

Do I need to upload my evidence? 
While you are not required to upload your evidence to the AIPM website, you are required to retain a copy of your evidence for your certification period (three years). Should you be subject to a CPD audit, you will be required to show evidence of your CPD. Evidence may include certificates of attendance or attainment, confirmation of webinar or event attendance, or other documented evidence as identified in CPD Categories and Points Table.  

I submitted CPD points, but it is not reflecting on My CPD records, why is that? 
The most common reason for points that you have submitted not reflecting on your records is that the date was not within the award period. All activities logged for CPD points must fall within the award period of your certification. For example: If you were awarded certification on 11/06/2021, you cannot record CPD points for a conference you attended on 05/03/2021. 

Additionally, any points recorded by you will be recalculated into your summary overnight. 

Who assigns CPD points for AIPM events, including OnDemand webinars and Conference? 
AIPM will automatically assign CPD points for live events if the member has registered for the event and attended the live screening. Point allocation will take a few days to show on your CPD account following the event. If you have not registered and/or not attended the live event you will need to record the CPD points yourself. Please note, you will be required to retain evidence of your attendance at OnDemand webinars, this may be through a confirmation email, or a screenshot of the webinar slides.  

For the AIPM Conference, you will need to manually log your CPD points and retain your receipt as evidence. 

Do I have to continue to be an AIPM member to remain certified?
Certification is a benefit of financial members of the AIPM. For your certification to remain valid, and to continue to use the postnominals, you need to remain a financial member by paying your annual membership renewal fee.

Once I am included on AIPM's register of project managers, how long does this registration last?
Registration and inclusion on the Register of Project Managers is valid for three years from the date the RegPM certification was issued, subject to continued financial membership of the AIPM. After three years, RegPM certification recipients must recertify to remain on the Register.

How do I recertify at a higher RegPM level?
You can only recertify at your current RegPM level and this is achieved by payment of a recertification fee and meeting of CPD requirements. If you choose to upgrade to the next level of certification (i.e. CPPP to CPPM or CPPM to CPPD/CPPE) you will need to demonstrate competency at this new level, and this is classified as a new assessment.

What happens to my CPD points after I recertify? 
When you recertify, your CPD status will reset to zero and you will need to log 70 CPD points across the new three-year term.   



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