AIPM offers certifications across different career stages. Choose from five options: Certified Practising Project Practitioner (CPPP), Certified Practising Project Manager (CPPM), Certified Practising Senior Project Manager (CPSPM), Certified Practising Project Director (CPPD), and Certified Practising Portfolio Executive (CPPE). 

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about certifcation. If you still have questions, reach out to us here.


There is a 6 month timeframe for candidates to complete their assessment after applying. If you have been involved in project management for some time, you may be able to complete your assessment sooner than this.

• identify any skills gaps;
• improve your knowledge, skills and capabilities in project management;
• gain a competitive advantage over non-Registered Project Managers;
• gain recognition from the peak body for project management in Australia for your capabilities in project management;
• gain recognition in your organisation for your project management capabilities, in addition to your technical capabilities;
• identify a path for progressing your career - from project team member to project manager to project director or program manager; and
• inclusion on the Register of Project Managers.

The RegPM certification program is generic. It is based on the Professional Competency Standards for Project Management (PCSPM), which was developed using cross industry feedback.

It is important to note that Assessors must assess against Competency Standards for Workplace Training & Assessment and not against industry codes or practices, particularly if those codes or practices are inconsistent with the PCSPM.

AIPM has an approved Quality Management System for certification which is regularly reviewed. The system:

  • establishes Rules and Procedures for Assessors;
  • monitors the performance of Assessors and adherence to the terms of their engagement (the AIPM establishes the criteria for being included on the Register of Assessors);
  • conduct annual workshops for RegPM Assessors

You can only recertify at your current RegPM level. If you choose to upgrade to the next level of certification (i.e. CPPP to CPPM or CPPM to CPPD/CPPE) by undergoing a full assessment by a registered assessor, this is classified as a new certification.

Registration and inclusion on the Register of Project Managers is valid for three years from the date the RegPM certification was issued, subject to continued financial membership of the AIPM. After three years, RegPM certification recipients must recertify to remain on the Register.

There is a difference between a certification (issued by a professional body) and a qualification (issued by a university, TAFE, Registered Training Authority etc). Traditionally, qualifications issued by universities and other higher education institutions do not include a competency-based component in the assessment criteria - the assessment component usually comprises of exams and assignments.

Obtaining a project management qualification will certainly provide you with a strong basis for completing the RegPM program. In particular, it should equip you with the necessary knowledge base for undertaking the RegPM. To ensure that the course you undertake does cover the required knowledge areas, you should select a course which has been endorsed by the AIPM.

Some of the courses endorsed by the AIPM are provided by universities and RTOs who are able to issue qualifications. Some of these courses also include a competency-based assessment component ie the compilation of a logbook. As a result, you may be able to use the same logbook to obtain both the qualification from the university or RTO, AND for the RegPM program. When enrolling in a course which has a competency-based assessment component, you should inform the course coordinator that you are also enrolled in the RegPM program.

AIPM recognises AIPM Endorsed Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses (BSB41515 Certificate IV in Project Management Practice, BSB51415 Diploma in Project Management, and BSB61215 Advanced Diploma in Program Management) and AIPM Endorsed Higher Education courses for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for the Certified Practising Project Practitioner (CPPP) level of certification only. To apply for this, you need to join AIPM as an Associate or full member.

The PMP is the certification awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI). It has two elements - knowledge and experience.

As the PMP is not a competency-based certification program, it does not qualify a person for RegPM levels from Certified Practising Project Manager (CPPM) to Certified Practising Project Executive (CPPE).

AIPM recognises the PMP for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for the Certified Practising Project Practitioner (CPPP) level of certification only. To apply for this, you need to join AIPM in the Member grade.

A PMP meets the eligibility requirements for Associate membership of AIPM. A list of certifications that AIPM accepts for eligibility for Associate membership is on the Membership section of our website here.

The RegPM is essentially a workplace assessment program. When compiling the logbook for the RegPM, you must be able to provide evidence from a recent project or projects (within past 3 years) for each performance criteria. This will be easier to do if you are currently working on a project(s). If you are not working on a project, then it may take longer to gather the evidence unless you have access to evidence from earlier projects. It is also possible to complete the program using evidence of your project management capabilities applied in some other context eg projects you may be involved in for volunteer associations.

Although from a workplace assessment perspective, it is often useful for your Assessor to observe you in your working environment, it is not essential. A number of overseas candidates have successfully completed the program, communicating with their Assessors by email and by teleconference.

Assessors on the Register of Assessors have indicated whether they are available to assess overseas and/or interstate candidates.

  • gather evidence of a current (within past 3 years) and/or one other completed project for each of the performance criteria
  • prepare for workplace assessment
  • complete the process
  • receive advice from your assessor regarding meeting the criteria
  • receive your certificate
An AIPM Registered Assessor is interested in ensuring that high standards of compliance with the Standards for Workplace Assessment are maintained, and will therefore ensure that you satisfy strict skills application criteria ie the workplace assessor must be able to match your workplace performance in project management to each of the performance criteria within the units of competency. The assessor must complete the assessment process expediently – he/she should  provide very clear directions to you.
It is your Assessor’s responsibility to understand your work environment and relate the Competency Standard to the specifics of your environment. It is your responsibility to gather evidence of application in what you do in project management, and align the evidence to the framework advised by the assessor.
Assessors will combine compilation of evidence with interviews with you and your peers/supervisor; and/or observe your performance in the workplace (ie spend an hour or two with you and review your project and what you are currently doing, with what templates/ process/ tools). If a gap is evident, either in your, practice or in your organisation’s framework, additional evidence or effort may be required. If there is a knowledge and therefore application gap, you may need to undertake further training or gain more experience to complete the assessment process.
At the time of the assessment, you will be found either competent or not-yet-competent. If the former, then the process continues with an assessor report to the AIPM, notification of success to you, and receipt of a certificate at the level sought. If not-yet-competent, the assessor will advise you of the requirement and you can choose how to fill the gap. This is your prerogative, and your actions are not confined to dealing with the assessor for remedial action.
The timeframe for compiling your evidence and providing the completed ARB to your assessor is 6 months from the date your assessor is confirmed.

Once your assessor has your completed ARB they have 1 month in which to review it and provide a recommendation of the outcome of that review to AIPM.
If the assessment process is not proceeding to your satisfaction, please advise the National Manager Certfication at AIPM National Office.

To become an AIPM RegPM Assessor, you must address the following criteria:

  • A current financial member of AIPM 
  • CPPD or CPPM certified (You will only be approved to assess to the same level of your certification) 
  • Demonstrated PM related expertise 
  • Hold a TAE40110 – Certificate IV Training and Assessing 
  • A thorough working knowledge of the AIPM Competency standards 
  • Understanding of adult learning principles 
  • Only individuals can apply; companies/organisations are not eligible as a corporate entity 
  • You MUST operate within AIPM’s quality frameworks in all your business dealings with AIPM 

You are required to submit a “Business Case” outlining the following (within your proposed market) 

  • Your proposed market sector
  • Market size (including potential revenue increase for AIPM and income for you)
  • Outline of your marketing plan 
  • Proposed milestones 

Should markets needs arise, the AIPM will put an EOI out to its membership and request for applications to be submitted to become a RegPM Assessor.

Please keep an eye on our member communications for the next EOI request.

There is no pass or fail criteria - only ‘competent’ or ‘not yet competent’.

If you are unable to meet the deadline for the submission of your assessment evidence due to extenuating circumstances (such as changes in employment, serious illness, or bereavement) you may apply for a one month extension.

If you are affected by longer term extenuating circumstances (such as maternity leave) you may apply to defer your assessment submission deadline by up to twelve (12) months.

Other situations will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

To be considered, circumstances must be supported with written evidence to

AIPM recognises other courses and certifications for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for the Certified Practising Project Practitioner (CPPP) level of certification only.

The approved list of courses and certifications for RPL for the CPPP is on our website.

If you are due for recertification but have been affected by extenuating circumstances (e.g. changes in employment, serious illness, bereavement) and have accrued 35 points or more, you may request a three (3) month extension.

If you are affected by longer term extenuating circumstances (such as maternity leave) you may apply to defer your recertification deadline by up to twelve (12) months.

Other situations will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

To be considered, circumstances must be supported with written evidence to

If the certificate holder is granted an extension and then fails to attain the required CPD points, he/she will need to complete a full recertification assessment with an AIPM-registered assessor. The usual costs for a certification application and assessment will apply.

After you have been awarded a RegPM certification at one of the five levels, you will be able to add the following after your surname:

CPPP Certified Practising Project Practitioner
CPPM Certified Practising Project Manager
CPSPM Certified Practising Senior Project Manager
CPPD Certified Practising Project Director
CPPE Certified Practising Project Executive

Certification is a benefit of financial members of the AIPM. For your certification to remain valid you need to remain a financial member by paying your annual membership renewal fee.