Maintaining your RegPM certification 

Staying at the top of your project management game takes commitment to stay relevant. Maintaining your AIPM certification therefore requires you to undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and maintain a certain number (70) of CPD points. We offer you a host of ways to upskill and stay updated on all the latest from the project management industry.

Build your CPD bank by choosing from events & conferences, certifications, qualifications, short courses, experience sessions, mentoring programs, volunteering work among other options. Here’s the list of options you can choose from against the number of CPD points each one offers:


Download CPD points table


Simple and easy recertification with CPD

To recertify through the CPD Program, RegPMs must attain 70 points over the course of three years. The CPD log is a self-managed system. To log your CPD points you’ll need to log into our member portal, MY AIPM. Once logged in, click on the dropdown box (located in the top right corner) and select My CPD Points (accessible only to certified members).

Please retain your CPD evidence for the duration of your award (3 years). In the event of an audit by AIPM against the declaration you have made at time of recertification, you will be asked to show evidence of your CPD.

The cost to recertify is $240 including GST. RegPM members must maintain financial membership of AIPM.


Upgrade your certification level

Time to level up? If you are already a RegPM and would like to upgrade your certification level, you will need to demonstrate a level of competency through a new RegPM assessment at the higher level. Ready to apply for an upgrade? Apply to upgrade your certification here.