Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is the process by which RegPM members maintain the quality and relevance of their skills throughout their working life. Following the initial RegPM assessment, RegPMs are required to demonstrate continuous professional development every three years to be able to recertify.

Recertify by CPD points

To recertify through the CPD Program, RegPMs must attain 70 points over the course of three years. See the CPD points table for the various ways you can attain these points.

RegPM members must keep an accurate log of the CPD points they accumulate over the certification period. These logs should include the required evidence in accordance with the CPD Points Table.

RegPM members can still logon to the website and record their CPD points, however this is not a compulsory requirement.

The Institute will undertake CPD compliance audits from time to time. Auditing is an important process that ensures the profession continues to enjoy the reputation from which all Members benefit. If selected for an audit, you will be sent an e-mail requesting that you send your CPD record log. If required, you may be asked for supporting documentation, which may be in the form of receipts, certificates, enrolment records, assessment reports, detailed diary notes or journal articles. Members making a misleading declaration will be in breach of their membership Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and no longer eligible for certification and must discontinue using AIPM RegPM post-nominals.

The cost to recertify is $230 including GST. 

RegPM members must maintain financial membership of AIPM.

Recertify by Assessment

Certified members who have not attained the required number of CPD activity points over the three-year period will need to complete a new assessment.

This will involve completing an application, undertaking a new Assessment with an AIPM approved Assessor at the same RegPM level or a higher RegPM level and paying relevant fees.

RegPM members must maintain financial membership of AIPM.