Training Providers who successfully apply for course endorsement enjoy the reputational value of being associated with the leading professional project management association in Australia. Courses are listed on the AIPM website and exposed to not only to the entire membership base, but also to anyone with an interest in Project Management.

The purpose of Course endorsement is to distinguish project management courses and training providers who meet industry standard and expectation in project management, whereby the project management profession is being enhanced. The course endorsement will allow training providers to receive access to knowledge and experience of the independent project management industry experts, which will contribute to ongoing professional relevance.

AIPM course endorsement will help training providers to promote their project management courses by providing them with a recognizable AIPM logo and adding endorsed courses on the AIPM Endorsed Course Register.

The course endorsement will enhance credibility of the individual courses and will indicate appropriate project management course to students who are choosing a project management career.

Students of endorsed VET qualifications, Higher Education programs listed on the AIPM Endorsed Course Register and other AIPM approved courses and certifications are eligible to apply for AIPM’s RegPM Certification at ‘’Certified Practicing Project Practitioner’’ (CPPP) level when applying for Associate Membership or full AIPM Membership.

AIPM will endorse courses that consistently demonstrate outcomes aligned to a relevant Project Management methodology and reflecting industry standards and current best practice. These courses must show a commitment to professional development and elevation of industry practices.

Types of Courses endorsed by AIPM are:

  • Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications derived from the BSB - Training Package (Release 2.0 or its successor);
  • Higher Education programs leading to a Project Management qualification or award; and
  • Short Courses (non-accredited) aligned to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), PRINCE2®, or equivalent alternative methodology and/or the Australian National Competency Standards for the Project Management Framework.

AIPM does not endorse Training Providers. AIPM Course Endorsement only applies to the courses being delivered.

AIPM will only endorse VET courses delivered by:

  1. Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) registered by the national regulator: The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), or its jurisdictional counterparts the Victorian Registration and Quality Authority (VRQA), or the Training Accreditation Council in Western Australia (TAC), and/ or its successors.
  2. Non-Registered Training Providers provided that they are able to meet AIPM endorsement criteria for VET courses as specified in the Training Provider Checklists and submit a signed confirmation letter from the RTO issuing the qualifications and statements of attainment (see Section 4 of Application for Course Endorsement and Guide to Endorsement for details).

Once a Training Provider has a course endorsed by AIPM they are referred to as a Provider of an endorsed course or Provider of endorsed courses.

Course endorsement lasts for three (3) years provided that the course remains current. When endorsement expires the provider of an endorsed course will need to re-apply for endorsement and pay the Application for Endorsement fee to commence the re-endorsement process.

Should a provider of an endorsed course elect not to re-endorse or fail to pay the annual fee, the endorsed course(s) will be removed from the AIPM website and permission to use the AIPM logo on course materials rescinded.

Prior to the commencement of the endorsement or re-endorsement process, all applicants should familiarise themselves with the endorsement process through the AIPM website. Training Providers should contact AIPM on 02 8288 8700 or email at to make an initial enquiry and, if the decision is made to go ahead, AIPM will forward Course Criteria Checklist/s to the Training Provider.

The application process is conducted as follows:

STEP 1. Application

The Training Provider completes and returns the Application for Course Endorsement, which includes information for each course to be endorsed (if more than one). Providers may forward their Confidentiality Agreement to AIPM with their Application for Course Endorsement. The AIPM will review application and will inform the training provider about its decision to accept or reject the application for entry by the applicant into the endorsement process. Applications should be sent to

STEP 2. Payment of Application for Endorsement Fee

Upon the registration of the application AIPM will raise an invoice for Application fee. Please refer to AIPM Fee Schedule for fees.

STEP 3. Course Materials Submission

Once application payment is received, AIPM will provide the Training Provider with a link to a secure Dropbox folder. The Training Provider is to upload course materials and other relevant artefacts including a completed Training Provider Checklist/s to this folder.

STEP 4. Course Materials Review

Upon the receipt of the completed Training Provider Checklist and confirmation that all the materials have been uploaded AIPM will close the Dropbox folder for the Provider’s editing and will send the link to Endorsed Course Assessor (ECA). The review usually takes around 2-3 weeks provided that the course materials package is complete.

STEP 5. Review Outcome

Upon completion of the course review the ECA will make recommendations to AIPM for endorsement or request additional information. AIPM will send the Training Provider a copy of the Endorsed Course Assessor report.

STEP 6. Payment of Annual Fee

Successful applicants will be advised in writing and issued with an invoice for the annual fee for each course endorsed. Please refer to AIPM Fee Schedule for fees.

STEP 7. Finalising Course Endorsement

When AIPM receives payment for the annual fee, the course will be added to the Endorsed Course Register on AIPM website and the Certificate of Endorsement for each endorsed course will be issued to the provider of endorsed courses. At the same time, a digital copy of the AIPM course endorsement logos will be provided.

During the three year period of endorsement, it is expected that no changes will be made to the course content or assessment strategy. If a new version of the course is commenced during the endorsement period, or there are significant changes to the course content, assessment process or structure, the provider of an endorsed course may need to re-apply for endorsement.

Providers of endorsed courses are required to notify AIPM of any significant changes to their course that include but are not limited to course content, structure, web links, course contact person, or change of RTO through Change Notification Form, which they receive from AIPM on the course anniversary date every year or upon request.

If the changes impact the quality or objectives of the course, and involve amendments to the documentation mentioned on the Training Provider Checklist, Overall Qualification section AIPM may request that the course be re-submitted for endorsement. In this case, an Application for Endorsement fee will apply.

AIPM recognises that not all courses, particularly short professional development courses, will fit into a selected set of criteria. However, as a guide, AIPM has developed an endorsement criterion for Short Courses, VET Courses and Higher Education courses to articulate the submission requirements and industry standards reflective of the project management profession.

1. Short Courses (non-accredited)

Training Providers must demonstrate that:

  • The aims of the course and relationship to Project Management are clearly defined.
  • The marketing materials are accurate ethical and clear.
  • Learning outcomes are clear and related to Project Management.
  • Specific elements of the PMBOK® Guide (or relevant alternative standard) covered by this course are clearly identified.
  • Participant guide is written in a clear and easy to read format (from a user perspective), so that the student may refer to this if they are unable to participate in part of the course for any reason.


2. VET Courses

Training Providers must demonstrate that:

  • All components of the training package / VET accredited course are addressed when planning assessment and designing assessment tools for VET courses.
  • The aims of the course and relationship to Project Management are clearly defined.
  • The marketing materials are ethical, accurate, clear and accessible to learners.
  • Facilitators and Assessors hold current project management qualifications and industry experience.
  • Facilitators and Assessors hold the required qualifications and experience in training and assessment.
  • Learning resources and facilities are sufficient and accessible, and enable learners to meet the requirements of each unit of competency.
  • Assessment complies with the assessment requirements of the relevant training package / VET accredited course and satisfies the principles of assessment (be fair, flexible, valid and reliable).


3. Higher Education

Training Providers must demonstrate that:

  • The aims of the course and relationship to Project Management are clearly defined.
  • The relationships between the AQF level(s), nesting arrangements, overall course structure, entry requirements, exit pathways, etc. are clearly identified.
  • Coverage of the relevant section(s) of the PMBOK® Guide (or equivalent alternative methodology) across the course units is clearly identified in a matrix or mapping document.
  • Lecture materials are written in a clear and easy to read format (from a user perspective), so that the student may refer to this if they are unable to participate in part of the course for any reason.
  • Assessment procedures and how they relate to the learning outcomes should be clearly referenced through the material.
Trainers and facilitators of endorsed courses are expected to have a high level of professional project management experience and relevant qualifications. As a minimum, trainers and facilitators of VET courses must have the necessary training and assessment competencies as determined by the National Skills Standards Council (NSSC) in July 2013. Higher education providers need to demonstrate how they meet TEQSA requirements.

• Short Course Facilitators

Facilitators are required to hold either:

     a) Formal project management qualifications at a ‘higher education’ level (<10 years old), or
     b) Current AIPM RegPM (or equivalent) certification at CPPM level or higher.

• VET Course Trainers and Assessors

Facilitators and assessors are required to hold at least:

     a) Current project management qualification at least to the level being delivered and assessed;
     b) The required qualifications and experience in training and assessment;
     c) Industry experience in project management. Please specify if facilitators / assessors hold AIPM RegPM (or equivalent) certification.

• Higher Education Course Manager/Director

Course Managers/Directors are required to hold either:

     a) Current project management qualifications at a ‘higher education’ level (<10 years old), or
     b) Current RegPM (or equivalent) certification to CPPM level or higher, or
     c) Project management research portfolio > 5 papers with the most recent published within the last 5 years.

• Higher Education Course Facilitators

Unit Coordinators/Facilitators/Lecturers are required to hold either:

     a) Current project management qualifications at a ‘higher education’ level (<10 years old), or
     b) Current RegPM (or equivalent) certification to CPPM level or higher, or
     c) Project management research portfolio > 5 papers with the most recent published within the last 5 years (optional).

1. Short Course (non-accredited)

  • Course brochure / outline
  • Sample of PowerPoint slides
  • Student Workbook
  • Session plan/s
  • Details of delivery methodology
  • Bio of facilitator/s

2. VET Courses


  • Marketing Material
  • Training and assessment strategy
  • Bio of facilitator/s
  • Copy of Certificate or Award issued to student

For each unit* within the qualifications listed below:

  • Participant Guide and training materials Assessment materials
  • Marking guides / model answers

A) BSB41515 Certificate IV in Project Management Practice

Core Units (Release 3)

Training and assessment materials for all Core Units:

  • BSBPMG409 Apply project scope management techniques
  • BSBPMG410 Apply project time management techniques
  • BSBPMG411 Apply project quality management techniques

4 elective units from Group A (at least 3 units) or B.

Group A

Training and assessment materials for at least 3 units (maximum 4):

  • BSBPMG417 Apply project life cycle management processes
  • BSBPMG418 Apply project stakeholder engagement techniques
  • BSBPMG412 Apply project cost management techniques
  • BSBPMG413 Apply project human resources management approaches
  • BSBPMG414 Apply project information management and communications techniques
  • BSBPMG415 Apply project risk management techniques
  • BSBPMG416 Apply project procurement procedures

Group B

Training and assessment materials for:

Optional – select a Unit from Group B to complete the 4 elective unit requirement.

  • BSBADM405 Organise meetings
  • BSBCUE405 Survey stakeholders to gather and record information
  • BSBLEG415 Apply the principles of contract law
  • BSBWHS401 Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs to meet legislative requirements
  • CPPDSM4047A Implement and monitor procurement process
  • MSAENV472B Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices
  • PSPETHC401A Uphold and support the values and principles of public service
  • PSPGOV422A Apply government processes
  • PSPPOL404A Support policy implementation
  • TLIE4006 Collect, analyse and present workplace data and information

B) BSB51415 Diploma of Project Management (Release 1)

Core Units

Training and assessment materials for all Core Units:

  • BSBPMG511 Manage project scope
  • BSBPMG512 Manage project time
  • BSBPMG513 Manage project quality
  • BSBPMG514 Manage project cost
  • BSBPMG515 Manage project human resources
  • BSBPMG516 Manage project information and communication
  • BSBPMG517 Manage project risk
  • BSBPMG521 Manage project integration

Elective Units

Training and assessment materials for 4 elective units:

  • BSBPMG519 Manage project stakeholder engagement
  • BSBPMG520 Manage project governance (essential)
  • BSBINM501 Manage an information or knowledge management system
  • BSBINN502 Build and sustain an innovative work environment
  • BSBMGT516 Facilitate continuous improvement
  • BSBPMG518 Manage project procurement
  • BSBSUS501 Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability
  • BSBWHS506 Contribute to developing, implementing and maintaining WHS management systems
  • BSBWOR501 Manage personal work priorities and professional development
  • BSBWOR502 Lead and manage team effectiveness
  • ICTICT511 Match ICT needs with the strategic direction of the enterprise
  • ICTICT515 Verify client business requirements
  • MSS015002A Develop strategies for more sustainable use of resources
  • PSPETHC501B Promote the values and ethos of public service

C) BSB61215 Advanced Diploma of Program Management (Release 1)

Core Units

Training and assessment materials for all Core Units:

  • BSBPMG610 Enable program execution
  • BSBPMG611 Facilitate stakeholder engagement
  • BSBPMG612 Implement program governance
  • BSBPMG613 Manage benefits

Elective Units

Training and assessment materials for 4 elective units:

  • AHCBUS607A Implement a monitoring, evaluation and reporting program
  • BSBFIM601 Manage finances
  • BSBINN601 Lead and manage organisational change
  • BSBLDR501 Develop and use emotional intelligence
  • BSBMGT520 Plan and manage the flexible workforce
  • BSBPMG614 Engage in collaborative alliances
  • BSBPMG615 Manage program delivery
  • BSBPMG616 Manage program risk
  • BSBPMG617 Provide leadership for the program
  • ICTICT602 Develop contracts and manage contracted performance
  • ICTICT606 Develop communities of practice
  • PSPMNGT607B Develop a business case

3. Higher Education

  • CV of Project Management Units’ Lecturers
  • Course marketing material
  • Course Outline (this shows course structure, pre-requisites, assessments, program outline, lectures etc.)
  • Copies of lecture slides/notes/handouts for all Project Management units
  • Information on assessment of each Project Management unit
  • Marking guide for assessment of each Project Management unit
  • Copy of Award issued to student

A) Graduate Certificate in Project Management
Learning and assessment materials for all Project Management units.

B) Graduate Diploma in Project Management
Learning and assessment materials for all Project Management units.

C) Master of Project Management
Learning and assessment materials for all Project Management units.

Training providers will be issued with a link to a dedicated secure Dropbox folder, and are required to submit their course materials electronically.

The total fee comprises:

  1. an Application for Endorsement fee; and
  2. an Annual fee.

The Application for Endorsement fee is applicable for each course to be endorsed and is paid prior to the assessment of materials.

The Annual fee is paid following completion of the endorsement review and prior to provision of the AIPM logo and uploading to the AIPM website. The Annual fee is payable either as a lump sum payment for 3 years or in 3 annual payments. The Annual fee may be changed each year at AIPM discretion.

Endorsed Course Program Fee Schedule per Course

Course Application for Endorsement (incl. GST.) Annual Fee (incl. GST) Total cost over 3 years (incl. GST)*
Short $700 $600 $2,500
VET $1,900 $950 $4,750
Higher Education $1,900 $950 $4,750

*Note: Endorsed Course fees will be reviewed annually and may be subject to increase at AIPM's discretion.

Students who are either part or full-time students of an endorsed VET or higher education course can join AIPM as student members, giving them membership of an industry body of their profession and benefits that include:

  • online access to project management resources
  • subscription to PM Matters eNewsletter
  • subscription to Project Manager magazine
  • AIPM LinkedIn and Facebook group membership
  • ability to join Special Interest Groups
  • regular invitations to chapter events
  • invitation to Annual National Conference
  • members' pricing at events/conferences
  • access to AIPM's Professional Indemnity Insurance Program

A student is eligible to apply for associate membership as soon as he/she receives a formal qualification. 

Associate members can use the post-nominal AAIPM, vote at the Annual General Meeting and/or in chapter elections and, once an associate member has gained the necessary experience to fulfil the requirements of full membership, they can apply for member status. 

Once a student has become an associate member, he/she is subscribed to AIPM's Project Manager magazine (print copy) and can participate in the AIPM Membership Advantage Program.

As recognition of the rigorous process of course endorsement under AIPM's Endorsed Course program, a student who has completed a VET course with a workplace-based assessment and applies for associate membership is eligible to apply for AIPM's RegPM certification program at Certified Practising Project Practitioner level (CPPP).

Registered Project Manager (RegPM)

RegPM is AIPM's certification program. When a member is RegPM certified, they are entitled to use AIPM post-nominals (CPPP, CPPM, CPPD or CPPE depending on the level) after their title and are acknowledged for their status on the AIPM website as a Registered Project Manager. RegPM certification is highly regarded in industry, displays credibility and can help demonstrate a member's ongoing commitment to professional development.

Students who complete AIPM Endorsed VET course (BSB41515 Certificate IV in Project Management Practice, BSB51415 Diploma in Project Management or BSB61215 Advanced Diploma in Program Management) or AIPM Endorsed Higher Education course (Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Masters' Degree) can receive automatic certification at Certified Practising Project Pracititioner (CPPP) level if they join AIPM as an Associate or Member.  Once the applicant's membership has been approved, they must pay a non-refundable RegPM application fee, and submit a completed RegPM application form.  The RegPM assessment fee and competency assessment will be waived.

Associate members who are certified at CPPP level under the Endorsed Course program are still required to gain the necessary number of CPD points over a three-year period to maintain their certification. If a member elects to upgrade to CPPM at a later time he/she must undertake the normal process of RegPM certification by completing a new assessment with an AIPM RegPM assessor. The normal application fee will then apply.

The endorsed course logo can be added to the endorsed course materials, as well as the web page that provides the information for the successfully endorsed course. It can also be added to the training provider's website home page provided that it appears with the names of the courses that are endorsed listed with the logo. It must be clear to visitors that it is the courses that are endorsed by AIPM – not the training provider.

A "course" is defined as:

  • a short, non-accredited training program of up to days duration that does not culminate in a recognised award or qualification;
  • a series of units of competency that culminate in a Certificate IV, Diploma, or Advanced Diploma of Project Management; or
  • a series of subjects or classes that culminate in a higher education qualification such as a Graduate Certificate or Master's degree in Project Management

An "endorsed course" is defined as:

  • a "course" as defined above that has successfully passed the AIPM course endorsement process

Note: A course can only be endorsed if two AIPM auditors consider all of the constituent units or modules worthy of endorsement.

A "unit" is defined as:

  • an approved 'Unit of Competency' that leads to a VET qualification; or
  • a subject or module of a course that leads to a higher education qualification

Note: A unit of competency (for a VET qualification) or a Unit/Course (for a higher education qualification) cannot be endorsed in its own right.

"Application for Endorsement Fee" is the:

  • non-refundable fee payable to AIPM to undertake the endorsement process

"Annual Fee" is the:

  • fee payable to AIPM on the anniversary of endorsement for the three-year period of endorsement

"Delivery information" of the course means:

  • where course is delivered i.e. in which state(s) of Australia – or online

"Course Contact" means: 

  • person with whom AIPM will liaise in relation to endorsement of course and post endorsement for the three-year duration of endorsement. In some cases, this may be the same as the Course Director. A Course Contact must be a member of AIPM.