Questions about the project management courses in Australia? Here’s some of your frequently asked questions, answered. 

Questions covered on this page:

Course endorsement
Course selection
Career/employability advice
Other questions



What does the AIPM course endorsement mean?
AIPM endorses courses that consistently demonstrate outcomes aligned to a relevant Project Management methodology and which reflect industry standards and current best practice. These courses must show a commitment to professional development and elevation of industry practices.

Course endorsement lasts for three years, provided the course remains current. We currently endorse the following course categories:

  • Short courses
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications
  • Higher Education

In some cases, you may see our endorsed course logo on course marketing information or webpages. To verify if the course is currently endorsed, use our endorsed course register

How do I know if a course is endorsed by AIPM?
You can search for the course on our endorsed course register on our website.

Why should I choose an AIPM endorsed course?
The courses endorsed by AIPM have been assessed by project management specialists and meet the requirements of the project management industry.

AIPM endorsed courses can assist you in:

  1. Becoming a student member of AIPM: Students who are either part or full-time students of an endorsed VET or Higher Education course can join AIPM as a Student Member, where we have exclusive benefits for members.
  2. Pathway to AIPM Certification, RegPM: Upon graduation, students of endorsed VET qualifications and Higher Education programs listed on the AIPM Endorsed Course Register are eligible to apply for AIPM’s RegPM Certification at ‘’Certified Practicing Project Practitioner’’ (CPPP) level.


Does AIPM deliver any courses?
AIPM delivers workshops in specialty areas and endorse project management courses by other organisations and educational providers that align to industry standards. Courses listed on our endorsed course directory are not provided by AIPM but other organisations. Please contact providers of our endorsed courses for details regarding course duration, delivery mode, location and which course level is right for you.

AIPM does offer project management events, webinars, certification and an annual conference.

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Can you recommend a course?
Unfortunately, we cannot give advice or recommendations when selecting a course. All courses listed on our endorsed course register have been audited and awarded endorsement by us and have met the same criteria, therefore we cannot recommend one course over the other.

To help you narrow down the results, you can filter courses by location and delivery mode on our endorsed course register. We suggest contacting the endorsed course provider for advice. Use the course URL on our register to go to the provider’s course page.

Can you recommend if I should enrol in a VET or Higher Education qualification?
Unfortunately, we cannot give advice or recommendations when selecting a course. As your education needs are based on your personal needs, please consider the differences between a VET or Higher Education qualification to ensure the course you choose is right for you.

I’m interested in a course that is not on the AIPM endorsed course register. Why are they not listed?
As we are not a governing body, we do not audit all project management training that is publicly available. Courses that appear on our endorsed course register have been audited at the providers’ request.

We recommend visiting the Australian Government’s directory of training My Skills for VET courses, and TEQSA National Register for Higher Education courses for more information.




I’m looking for career advice, can you assist?
We do not give individual career advice but we can assist in advancing your project management career through AIPM membership.

Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) membership gives you access to exclusive benefits essential for advancing your career, growing your network, and improving your project management and leadership skills. We provide certification, events, networking opportunities, an online community platform, mentoring program, resources and so much more! To learn more about membership, click here.

Check out our resource, The Project Management Career Path or our Career guide for career information and tips.


What’s AIPM student membership?
We offer student memberships for those who are either part or full-time students enrolled at any university, TAFE or AIPM Endorsed Course provider. To learn more about AIPM student membership, click here.


What is AIPM Certification, RegPM?
RegPM is AIPM’s workplace-based competency assessment certification program. We’ve certified over 3,200 project professionals across Australia and internationally. Our RegPM certification offers you the recognition that will give you the visibility to land the right project management opportunities in your career.




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