Project Leadership 2-Day Masterclass

We're entering a new age of project leadership. The question is, who will define this new era? It's up to you to decide. Through our Future Figures 2019 Professional Advancement Framework, we will bring leaders together, and equip them for the road ahead. Expect to see a series of different opportunities coming your way as part of the Future Figures program.


What is the 2-Day Project Leadership Masterclass all about?

This Masterclass is a rare opportunity for ambitious Project Managers. It’s designed for people who are hungry to develop their skills, and keen to be at the forefront of their industry. Applicants can be working in Project Management across any sector, and at any level. The important thing is that they’re inspired to step up as a leader in the rapidly changing world around us.

What does the Masterclass involve?

The purpose of this Masterclass is to equip Project Managers for the new age of project leadership. Project Leaders have the ability to drive change, motivate teams to success, and take initiative to reinvent their industry for the better.

Taking place over two days, this Masterclass will give participants the chance to learn invaluable new skills and concepts such as influence, authority and authenticity. Participants will also have the opportunity to make new connections that will help to shape their industry. While specialised training is the focus, there are golden opportunities to network and meet like-minded professionals.

What will I learn at this Masterclass?

  • Presence: The physical, vocal, intellectual and emotional components of presence
  • How we perceive authenticity and authority 
  • Being authentic in complex situations
  • How to look and sound confident in all situations
  • Build your ability to influence others
  • Techniques to keep people engaged
  • How to use storytelling for rapport, engagement and influence

Project Leadership Masterclass Details

Date: TBC
Time: 9am to 5pm both days
Cost: Member: $995 | Non Members: $1495
CPD: 20 points


How do I nominate someone (or myself)?

Nominations are now open for the Project Leadership Masterclass. To nominate yourself or a colleague, please email Victoria Irvine at

What did attendees think about this Masterclass?

'I can't recommend this Masterclass highly enough. The tips and tools provided have far exceeded my expectation and will prove to be hugely valuable in the future.'
Luke Warren, Senior Technology Leader
"Enjoyable, eye-opening, empowering."
Vanessa Clark, Senior Project Manager, GHD
"I found the Masterclass valuable and will take a lot with me to implement within my team and role."
Nurdiah Kamaruzaman, Project Manager, Northern Territory, JNC Group