What Can Make People Work the Hardest On *Your* Project

Mar 07


You can force people to do things; you can even willingly enlist them. But passion for a project and the meaningful feelings people get from relationships with people, groups, tasks and organisations, is what makes them work the hardest, longest and, most importantly, gets others on board. This presentation is about emotional attachment: can you generate it? What are the components of it? What do you do with it when you have it? And can you spread it around in a way that enhances the project experience and the outcomes?

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Dr Nathalie Collins is the Academic Director (National Programs) at Edith Cowan University (ECU). She has worked in both the corporate and academic side of Higher Education, and in domestic and international markets. Nathalie has qualifications in philosophy, marketing, electronic communications and information management. She has worked in industries as varied as retail, hospitality, mining, adult entertainment, and, of course, education. She is currently the director of ECU’s Melbourne and Sydney locations, where the AIPM endorsed Masters of Project Management is delivered. She is also the coordinator of the South West campus and international mobility for the School of Business and Law. 

Her area of industry and academic expertise is authenticity, and its value in interactions between people, especially in a business context, usually in management and marketing.
Jeff Volkheimer is the Director of Collaboration and Workforce Services at Duke Health in North Carolina, USA. As one of the largest employers in North Carolina, Duke Health heals patients around the globe, teaches the next generation of medical professionals, and performs cutting edge research. Jeff is proud to manage teams and contractors who deliver collaborative digital communication tools - from web sites to apps to CRMs to shared workspaces - that allow everyone to work smarter. He does it all with a lean team determined to deliver as much value for money as possible. Duke Health services a range of professionals from medical researchers, students and practitioners to the people who support them: hospitals, research teams and, of course, marketers. He has presented around the US at IT conferences, and is expert at implementing projects with a significant technology layer.

Dr Nathalie Collins

Jeff Volkheimer