The Psychology Behind Effective Stakeholder Engagement

Dec 03
PM Webinar


Project process guides behaviour, however project management is all about people and managing the organisational politics and personal agendas, which can cause projects to fail or become highly challenged. 

This session provides a psychological insight into what key stakeholder powers of influence exist and how to deal with them to achieve a high level of engagement and buy in for projects, and the tools in the toolbox for dealing with stakeholder challenges.  

This session provides a trouble shooter approach that explains:

  • Why individuals are so different;
  • What ‘power’ of influence versus ‘interest’ actually means;
  • The fastest way to build effective relationships;
  • How to deal with difficult external key stakeholders;
  • When a steering committee is actually needed; and
  • How to best utilise advisory groups.

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Todd Hutchison Known as the Corporate Mechanic, Todd Hutchison is a global project management and behavioural specialist, international bestselling author and certified speaking professional. His PhD area is in behavioural sciences.
Todd leads the global project management consulting and training company Peopleistic (includes the Business Education Institute and Film My Video businesses), resides as an executive of the Perth-based law firm Balfour Meagher, and is the Chair of the International Institute of Legal Project Management (graduates in 40 countries and training providers in 7 countries) and a Board Director of Leadership Western Australia.
Todd has worked in over 160 organisations in 13 countries, including global clients like Microsoft, Deloitte, and Coca-Cola.
He has adjunct positions with Curtin University and Edith Cowan University and teaches in the Australian Institute of Management’s MBA program.

Todd Hutchison