Becoming More Self Aware

Feb 19
Increase your self-awareness with practical exercises


Just 15% of the population is considered self-aware and companies/workplaces are asking for their employees and leaders to be emotionally intelligent! So let's dive into learning about how our brain processes our environment, recognizing your own emotions and emotional triggers, and how your beliefs and emotion bias/influence your relationships, your empathy, your decision making.

Key learning take-aways will include a bump in your emotional self-awareness with some practical exercises you can continue doing on a regular basis. 

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Teresa Quinlan is a human first and an alchemist second. Connection reigns supreme and is the foundation of any level of success (both personal and professional) that she has achieved for herself and coached others to achieve.
As an Entrepreneur and Founder of her personal brand and the formula IQ+EQ=TQ, she is passionate about emotional intelligence as the key ingredient to leveraging your IQ and personality. Teresa has been focused on transforming individuals, teams and organizations to greater levels of performance since 1998 and has experienced leading teams and organizations through the highest of highs and the most challenging changes.

Teresa Quinlan