Why You Should Love NEC4 Contracts

Upping your game in contract management


This webinar is an introduction to NEC4 contracts - what are they, why have them, why are they different? We will look at some of the key time, cost, and quality processes that are designed to help people manage contracts better than they have done before. We will finish by looking at some of the more difficult areas of contract management and what NEC4 contracts offer you to improve outcomes.


  • Awareness of the range of NEC4 contracts available
  • Understanding of how clear, flexible and simple NEC4 contracts are
  • How NEC4 contracts are designed to be a stimulous to good management
  • The range of project management principles and processes built into NEC4 contracts

Members $40 | Non Members $80
CPD Points: 4


Robert Gerrard Robert specialises in NEC contracts, both setting these up and successfully managing them. He has over 30 years’ experience in contract management and carries out training and consultancy around the world. Robert is based in Hong Kong. He is an examiner for the Institution of Civil Engineers Certificate in Law and Contract Management course and has also held the position of NEC Users’ Group Secretary from 2006 to date. Robert was an NEC4 Contract Drafter and part of the NEC3 contracts working group. Robert’s publications include NEC3 and NEC4 Compared (2017), NEC2 and NEC3 Compared (2005), joint author in NEC4 Avoiding and Resolving Disputes (2019), NEC4 Practical Solutions (2017) and NEC3 Practical Solutions (2015).

Robert Gerrard