Choosing the Right Project Management Software

Making sense of a crowded marketplace


There are tens, if not hundreds, of options for software in the project management space. Selecting and mastering project management software is no longer about asking a friend and implementing a solution, especially for larger businesses with multiple stakeholders. This session will empower you with all the information you need to understand the software landscape and how you can embody the process of digital transformation in your role, even if you’re starting from scratch.



  • What is the digital transformation framework most organisations follow?
  • How does the software selection and implementation process typically work?
  • Project management software is unique – how does the process differ?
  • How do you get buy-in from stakeholders? Building a business case
  • Pitfalls of project management software selection and implementation
  • Software options and next steps for demonstrations 

Members: $30 | Non Members: $60
CPD: 3 points




Laurel Grey Laurel is a self-proclaimed technology geek. In plain language, she knows the ins and outs of different apps and how they work together to improve efficiency and make more money for businesses of all types. Her role is to bridge that deep expertise of the application ecosystem with clients’ needs and the ever-changing marketplace. As a Senior Digital Analyst and resident cloud expert at RSM in Sydney, Laurel has helped over 150 businesses across Australia increase their organisational productivity through automation and digital integration and empowered RSM advisors to transition 4,000 other businesses to the cloud.

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