Flourishing in Turbulence, Emotional Intelligence & Mindset

Why are some people more resilient than others?


Why and how emotional intelligence skills matter more than IQ for overcoming turbulent times.

Turbulence. Disruption. Change. Ambiguity. Burnout. Setbacks. Overwhelmed.

There are so many things coming at us that it's difficult to not only keep track, it's difficult to maintain a high level of wellbeing, happiness and performance.

In this event you will catch a glimpse into the importance of emotional intelligence skills for managing discomfort, for mindset, for resiliency, and for greater wellbeing to handle whatever comes your way.

Event Takeaways 

  • Learn what emotional intelligence is.

  • Learn the difference between emotions, feelings, and moods.

  • Identify helpful strategies to positively influence your wellbeing.

  • Learn about self-actualisation and impulse control as EI skills that contribute to your ability to handle ‘disruption’.

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Teresa Quinlan  Founder of her personal brand and the formula IQ+EQ=TQ, is passionate about emotional intelligence as the key ingredient to one’s success in life. As a certified coach and EQi-2.0 practitioner, Teresa is building emotionally intelligent organizations through Executive Coaching, Leadership Development programs, Speaking, and Consulting.
Having spent over 25 years cultivating a rich and diverse set of skills, facilitating leadership learning, and presenting to all sizes of groups, her passion is focused on creating thought-provoking experiences that go beyond the moment and instead, stay with the individual for days as they contemplate the moments that made them laugh, the moments that led to ‘ah ha’, and the moments that triggered opportunities for to challenge one’s status quo. The inevitable occurs; personal growth and development. Unleashing your greatest potential.

Teresa Quinlan