2021 National Conference | Together Towards Tomorrow

Day 3: Resilience and adaptability. To register go to www.aipm2021.com.au


To register for the 2021 National Conference please visit our conference website at www.aipm2021.com.au

Resilience and adaptability

Disruption and change is imbedded within our society, culture, business, and the economy. We face, and must plan for, uncertainty and risks associated with change. Managers and leaders need to alter organisational practices, make effective decisions and enable change in this increasingly complex environment. So how can we become more effective at risk-based decision making and build the resilience in our people to embrace change?

There is a clear opportunity for project and program managers to take a leading role in adapting and shaping outcomes for the community and society. Digitisation, Artificial Intelligence and environmental sustainability present great opportunities and risks for humanity.


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