How Design Thinking Can Amplify Your Project Leadership

Learn how you can build resilience and elevate your project leadership


Project Managers play a key role in creating and adding stakeholder value. However, when it comes to dealing with a crisis, quite a few project managers struggle, which hinders their ability to lead with impact, which hurts the morale of the team members as well as confidence of stakeholders in their ability to deliver. This interactive webinar looks at how you can improve your response to any crisis by leveraging Design Thinking, a widely popular framework for problem solving and innovation. This webinar is highly recommended for all project managers who are curious on how to improve their problem solving skills as well as leadership capabilities in the face of a crisis. 


  • Key approaches to boost their problem solving and innovative capabilities

  • Ability to boost resilience of their projects to challenges and complex scenarios

  • Greater ability to collaborate with team members and key stakeholders to shape a culture of high performance

  • ​Develop insights around their project leadership and address any gaps that limit their effectiveness in leading projects


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Arpan Roy Arpan is the author of the Amazon best-seller ‘A Servant’s Heart- Leadership that Inspires’ and the recipient of the ‘100 Top Training and Development Minds- Global’ at the World HRD Congress 2018. Arpan’s purpose is to enable others to realise their peak potential, and through his presentations, aims at sharing insights that helps leaders create a culture of innovation, high performance and collaboration. 

Arpan Roy