User-Centred Design in Project Management

Oct 10
Become more human centric in your project management style.


User-centred design (UCD) outlines the phases throughout a design and development life-cycle all while focusing on gaining a deep understanding of who will be using the product/service. Users no longer must adapt to a product/service, but the product/service must adapt to users.
Design thinking offers a fundamentally human-centered approach to help project teams align their thinking, empathise with affected stakeholders and produce better results. It invites people to think and work like designers to understand the needs and motivations of the end-users projects are intended to serve. The methodology invites followers to work to understand what’s happening in this community, situation or project space well before we go ahead and start designing or constructing. This event will offer an introduction to design thinking, providing participants with the opportunity to learn and apply tools in a workshop setting and become more human centric in their project management style.  
In this practical and interactive workshop, we will explore the question of ‘What are the biggest challenges you face as a Project Manager?’ Each project is unique with reference to the scope, objectives or client requirements, although, the problems each project faces may be different, there are some issues that are stumbled upon more commonly than others.
What will you learn and what can you expect?
Aurecon’s User Centred Design Team will lead activities based on your responses to the above question. Employing design thinking/human centered thinking approaches, they will aim to resolve the key challenges you have raised, offering you some tangible outcomes that you can apply to your role.

Working breakfast included.

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Members $35 | Non Members $50
CPD Points: 4


Rachel Flitman An experienced designer, facilitator and writer, Rachel draws on her background in community development, stakeholder engagement and design-led thinking to deliver people-centric outcomes to wicked challenges. Rachel is a skilled facilitator with ten years' experience delivering community consultation and strategic communication in international, government and community contexts; helping people explore ideas, develop solutions and engage in powerful and experiential ways.
Cameron Denecker Cameron is an experienced project manager and facilitator with a civil engineering background working in construction both contractor and client side. His role as a facilitator has developed since joining Aurecon’s Design Led Thinking team, the i40+. His experience ranges across rail and infrastructure construction works, delivering projects such as Pendle Hill Station TAP upgrade and various Defence infrastructure projects.
Jackson Carnell Jackson is a Senior Project Manager in Aurecon’s Global Advisory Unit with a strong background in leadership and management. He has extensive project experience on a variety of complex programs of work for both government and private clients. In addition to his role in Program Advisory, Jackson is Aurecon's National Representative for AIPM and a key member of Aurecon's Innovation i40 Sydney team. He has considerable experience in delivering Design to Innovate (D2I) workshops both internally for Aurecon and for his valued clients.

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