What PM Skills Are Needed in the Digital Age


Danny Liston and Nick Jago, from project management and advisory company Ontoit, will take you through the digital developments of our time and look at how they impact the project management profession.

You will discover the new skills that are needed to cope with the continuous onslaught of digital trends and how you can adapt or fine tune your existing competencies to complement these.


  • How project management may change with advancements in digital trends
  • Why improving your current skillsets is even more important in the digital age
  • How to use data analytics principles to drive better outcomes for your projects
  • How to interrogate data and ask the right questions of it
To ensure we are meeting the continued professional development of our project leaders we have moved all of our events to online delivery. We therefore have a new format to offer for our events to replace the physical chapter events you have attended previously. The process is as follows;

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STEP 2 Watch the online content
This session with Nick and Danny will be pre-recorded allowing you to view the presentation on demand and at a time that suits you prior to attending the live session. The content will be emailed directly to you at least one week before the date of the livestream on 10 June.
CPD Points: 3

STEP 3  Attend a live Q&A session 
Join our presenters Nick and Danny online for a live facilitated Q&A session on 10 June. Have your questions answered and become part of the interactive discussion. The link to join the live session will be sent at the same time as the pre-record, at least one week before.
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Nick Jago Nick is a project manager with Ontoit. Nick is very much the analogue to Danny’s digital. He appreciates the value and impact that data analytics can have on projects when done well – he just needs a fair bit of help to implement it. His perspective is very much on the associated effects that use of data has on the people involved – who benefits, who loses out, and why do certain choices need to be made based on the qualitative as well as the quantitative, especially if the two are contradictory.

Danny Liston Danny is a project manager who is passionate about technology and digitisation, particularly the transformative role is it is playing in our work and home lives. His personal transition from excel, graphs and macros to databases, queries and dashboards has been driven by the necessity to solve problems and answer questions for his clients. He believes that developing even a basic understanding of data and analytics is an important skill for project management professionals. He doesn’t think the robots are dgoing to completely replace us but believes we need to be able to speak their language when it comes time to negotiate.

Nick Jago

Danny Liston