Project Delivery in Local Government Post COVID 19

Aug 20
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The changing face of local government project delivery in the wake of the new normal resulting from the COVID19 pandemic.

A virtual meeting of the NSW Local Government Project Managers Community of Practice to discuss how the management of projects will change as a result of the impacts of COVID.  The discussion will look at how the delivery methodology will change, and the role virtual platforms will play. Attendees will be exposed to a range of views from other Local Government practitioners on how they think they will need to adapt as project leaders to achieve quality outcomes in the new normal.

NSW Community of Practice Committee will host and facilitate an open discussion by attendees.

N.B. This meeting is not open for registration via the website. The community of practice is for those that work for local governments only.  If this is you and you would like to register please email Chloe (Chapter Events Manager) at and state the local government you work for. We welcome local government practitioners that are new to this community.

Event Take Aways

  • How the COVID experience will change how projects are delivered.
  • The opportunities associated with virtual platforms and how they can add value for a remote project manager
  • The risks expected to become more relevant in the project delivery space.
Who is this event for?
  • Local Government practitioners only

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