How to Engage & Influence for Your Own Success

Jul 17
This seminar is designed for young & emerging project professionals.

Today project success is broader than traditional measurements. Success is no longer determined by the golden triangle of scope, budget and timeframe. Nowadays effective stakeholder engagement is paramount to project success. As a result, stakeholder management is a critical skill of today’s project managers.
This presentation provides a practical step-by-step method to engage and influence stakeholders.Emerging  Project Managers will learn skills and techniques to implement a strategic people strategy. They will gain insights into influencing techniques and their applications. The strategies and techniques are practical and applicable to all industries.
This session will help Project Managers leverage their effort to drive outstanding results. It will also enhance expertise in engaging and influencing stakeholders. A key skillset for continued career success as a Project Manager in today's world. 
Following the presentation will be a facilitated networking opportunity for attendees to make connections, share knowledge and socialise.  


Kylie Stephan Before the age of 30, Kylie had delivered millions of dollars in projects, and built a reputation as a high-achiever for one of Australia's largest Commonwealth Agencies. She developed the tools and systems to work smarter not harder. Now she is on a mission to share my knowledge with other Project Managers, to help them achieve the same. 

She has first-hand understanding of the challenges facing Project Managers, the rate of change is rapid and resource constraints are commonplace and understanding that despite these challenges, organisations must deliver outstanding outcomes to survive and thrive. 

Kylie is passionate about helping Project Managers to be at their best. To deliver outstanding projects, on time and on budget. To get the recognition they deserve and not suffer the inevitable burnout in the process and in doing so, support Australian organisations to deliver on their strategic objectives.

Kylie Stephan

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