The Hard Case for Soft Skills

Oct 03
And Why Emotional Intelligence is Critical


If you accept that “people” are a key ingredient in the success of all projects, then understanding what makes them tick and how they can work together for better outcomes has to be a top priority.

In this participative and fun workshop, Alan Slater will challenge attendees on:

  • What is Emotional Intelligence [EQ] – and what it’s not
  • Why it includes but is much more than just personality profiling
  • Dispelling the soft and fuzzy, tree-hugging image of EQ
  • The role of EQ in stakeholder engagement, and
  • The bottom line – what impact does EQ have on “profit”? 
Attendees will:
  • Gain a better understanding of what EQ actually is and is not
  • Learn how to apply better EQ methods on Project Management, and
  • Know how to improve your own EQ
​Members $37 | Non-Members $48
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Alan Slater Alan has managed projects in around 20 countries including half of the former Soviet Union. He believe THE most important factors for project success are all around people skills and that EQ is critical. 

Alan brings extensive international experience in developing small and medium businesses as a trainer and consultant with the successful implementation of radically new business strategies and approaches in countries undergoing restructuring and privatisation processes, such as China, Russia and the European Union.
Fellow of the Australian Instittute of Management (AIM) & Institute for Learning Professionals (ILP).

Alan Slater