Guiding Customer Outcomes With An Agile Mindset

Feb 12
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Hear from Rebecca Harris who has over 15 years of demonstrated and successful project management delivery within an agile environment.

18 years on from the original Agile manifesto we are observing the Agile Industrial Complex - Agile has lost its simplicity and lightweight qualities. With the commercialisation of methodologies, certifications and frameworks, the original values and principles are often missing in the noise of imposing ‘Agile’ processes on people.
What does all this mean for the leader of today? To deliver value to customers high performing organisations are proving a consistent set of principles are guiding them to success including:

  • Delivery value continuously
  • Experiment & learn rapidly
  • Make safety a prerequisite to unlock high performance
  • Make people who use or make our products and services awesome

During this presentation Rebecca will discuss and provide insights from her experience delivering projects under agile umbrellas across different organisations in Brisbane.

The presentation will highlight:
  • What aspects of agile ways of working were effective and what weren’t?
  • What didn’t work and what was learnt along the way?
  • How has agile software delivery evolved?
  • How do we measure the ROI of working in an agile way;
  • What does an agile mindset mean; and
  • What does it mean to become a servant leader for your team?
Learning Outcomes
  • Take away practical steps to commence your own transition in your context
  • Guidance on techniques that can be applied regardless of the methodology that you use
  • Gain pointers to Agile reading, references and resources that can serve as a valuable guide
  • Shared experiences and challenges from where Agile have worked and where it hasn’t
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Rebecca Harris Rebecca holds over 20 years of experience in team leadership, mentoring and project management roles in both Australian and International companies. Rebecca has had the opportunity to see the results of building in sustainable delivery practices and innovating from within.

In her current role as Founder, Agile delivery leader and coach at Whiteboard People, Rebecca combines Design Thinking, LEAN Start-up and Agile principles and techniques. This approach enables organisations to shift the right ideas to value sooner. She has led the implementation of new ways of working across organisations in Brisbane including Insurance, Retail and Human Capital. She has also led the implementation of Automation and speed delivery initiatives, where mentorship and fresh eyes in an existing domain were the keys to success.

Rebecca is passionate about creating the right amount structure and rigour to support team members to solve problems and deliver together.

Rebecca Harris